Best Belgian releases of 2016 (part two)

Part two of our selection of best Belgian releases of the year. Head over here for part 1.

Hypochristmutreefuzz & It It Anita – The Split

Who: Elias Devoldere, Jesse Maes, Thijs Troch, Sander Verstraete, Ramses Van den Eede, Mike Goffard, Damien Aresta, Mika Verbeeck & Bryan Hayart
Based in: Ghent/Liège
Side-projects: Kabas, Nordmann, Jukwaa, Horses, Malibu Stacy, Été 67
Label: Luik Records
Why we like it: Because we need more of these projects that pair a band from the francophone-speaking region with one from the flemish-speaking region. 

Jardin – A Girl with a Dog in a Rave

Who: Lény Bernay
Based in: Brussels
Side-projects: Our Fortress, Lény, Dave (666), Pony d’Or
Label: Le Turc Mécanique
Why we like it: Raw and uncut. 

JeanJass & Caballero – Double Hélice

Who: Jassim Ramdani & Artur Caballero
Based in: Brussels
Side-projects: Les Corbeaux, Exodarap, Black Syndicat
Label: Back in the Dayz
Why we like it: Because it set the tone for the rest of the year. #lolife

Ignatz – The Drain

Who: Bram Devens
Based in: Landen
Side-projects: Ignatius Van Kempenhof, Miles Devens, PJS
Label: KRAAK
Why we like it: Bram Devens’ precise folk music gets rid of all what’s unnecessary and brings us an essential record.  

Jesus Is My Son – SOLAH #2

Who: Gregory Duby
Based in: Israel
Side-projects: K-Branding, The Invisible Frog
Label: ini.itu
Why we like it:Best slowcore to come out of the country this year, minimalism at its best and most melodic. Think Earth, slightly more ambient. An absolute gem.  

Köhn – Sönyata / KERM

Who: Jürgen De Blonde
Based in: Ghent
Side-projects: Ed Nolbed, Burda Moden, Cinéma Invisible, De Portables, Frambooze, Inwolves, Super Reverb
Label: Kerm
Why we like it: Disclaimer – for some of us here, every record Köhn records deserve to make it to the end of year list. Each and every single one of them.

Krisy – Menthe à l’eau

Based in: Brussels
Side-projects: De La Fuentes, GP808
Why we like it: Smartest rap project to come out of Brussels this year. Humble, tasteful and suave. Plus artwork was done by family. 

La Jungle – II

Who: Mat & Rémy
Based in: Mons??
Label: Black Basset
Why we like it: Because it confirmed the band’s knack for danceable punk-rock. 

Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Laugh Tool

Who: Florent Mazzocchetti
Based in: Brussels
Label: Mannequin Records
Why we like it: Funny, eerie, intense, physical. And on heavy rotation for nearly a year.

Miaux – Hideaway / Ultra Eczema

Who: Mia Prce
Based in: Antwerp
Label: Ultra Eczema
Why we like it: Because no one works a casio quite like Mia Prce. 

Milan W. – Intact / JJ Funhouse

Who: Milan Warmoeskerken
Based in: Antwerp
Side-projects: (too many to mention)
Label: JJ Funhouse
Why we like it: Because Milan W. is a pure musical genius, always capable of setting the mood just right. 

Regis Turner – Compte sur moi

Based in: Brussels
Side-projects: Ce Soir, Avventur
Label: Le Syndicat des Scorpions
Why we like it: Honest, modest and so very French. 

Roméo Elvis & Le Motel – Morale

Who: Roméo Elvis Van Laeken
Based in: Brussels
Side-projects: L’or du commun
Label: Back In The Dayz/L’Oeil Ecoute Laboratoire
Why we like it: Because Le Motel’s beats are perfect for Roméo’s voice. 

SKY H1 – Motion / Codes

Based in: Brussels
Label: Codes
Why we like it: A record where every month we state “no, in the end, that’s my favourite track”. 


Who: Jazz, Omar-G, Rosko, DJ Vega, Astrofisiks
Based in: Brussels
Side-projects: DJ Vega, Zwangere Guy
Why we like it: Their second album definitely marked the breakthrough of the Flemish-spoken rap group, with Ja Dan being the cherry on top of the kush-infused cake. 

TG Gondard – Mon Albertine

Who: Thibault Gondard
Based in: Brussels
Side-projects: Colombey, Mon Alberteen, Pizza Noise Mafia, Lubriphikatttor
Label: Fougère
Why we like it: R’nB inspired melancholia inspired by the streets of our capital. 

Walhalla Records – Underground Wave Volume 5

Who: Label founder Lieven De Ridder. Artists 7 A Nou, RDP, Analysis, No Unauthoriszed, Nacht Und Nebel, Dead Man Industry, Schicksal, Unidentified Man, Breast Implosion, Man Without World, Vita Noctis, Kunzysteem
Based in: Antwerp
Label: Walhalla Records
Why we like it: Because Lieven’s tireless work is museum-worthy. 

Various – EXO 2 / Ekster

Who: the second compilation LP by Ekster, with contributions by Elko B, RHVR, Dijf Sanders, Shuffle Orch., Fregnacciarius, Milan W., Polysick, ssaliva, Hantrax, ARE, Tyrone Douglas, Mathieu Serruys, Panabrite and Orphan Fairytale
Label: Ekster
Why we like it: With a compelling selection of experimental goodness, Ekster’s second compilation album continues once again in the label’s excellent line of releases. 

Yves De Mey – Drawn with Shadow Pens

Who: Yves De Mey
Based in: Antwerp
Side-projects: Sendai, Eavesdropper, Grey Branches
Label: Spectrum Spools
Why we like it: While preserving the rawness of its material, modular blacksmith’s Yves De Mey has carved a gem of a record, like a dense black diamond.

Zwangere Guy – Dokter Guy

Who: STIKSTOF member Omar G. aka Zwangere Jezus aka Jean Connerie
Based in: Brussels
Side-projects: STIKSTOF
Label: unreleased
Why we like it: Coz we’ve been waiting for this dude to drop a solo effort for more than a minute now.