Bold is the night part 3: Deep in House on the essence of Brussels’ nightlife (Video)

A scene is nothing without the people that inhabit it, the bold ones that power it forward day in day out. Likewise for a city’s nightscape. And, unbeknown to most, a dedicated tribe of instigators – from promoters and producers to DJs, radio hosts and label heads – take to studios, basements, dance floors, fields and tents to ensure that no stone is left unturned and no night is left untouched in the pursuit of unfiltered and unfettered fun. Here, in a new collaboration with favoured gin imprint Bulldog, we meet six of the country’s nightlife movers and shakers – Horst’s Jochem Daelman, Deep in House’s Tom Raoul, Hush Hush’s Hush Hefner, Crevette Records’ Pim Thomas and Studio Brussel’s Charlotte de Witte – who each in their own right extoll the benefits of the country’s unique electronic music diversity in a six-part series of videos. For part three, Deep in House’s three founders consider the essence of Brussels’ nightlife.

I believe we have a lot to be proud of when compared to other similarly sized European countries.

As a country, I believe we have a lot to be proud of when compared to other similarly sized European countries. I mean just consider the fact that, despite often being overshadowed by neighbourhing France and Holland, who’ve both seen the launch of an increasing number of new, top-notch initiatives these past few years, our country manages to consistently hold its ground and defy conventions. And, in this respect, I’d say clubs such as Fuse in Brussels and pioneering labels such as R&S deserve the most credit for having done more than their fair share to ensure our small country gets to shine internationally. They’ve both been instrumental in allowing Belgium to remain relevant throughout the decades whilst at the same time fulfilling somewhat of an educational role, spiking the interests and shaping the talents of a great number of people I know that make music today. In Brussels, where I’m based, I’d say our main asset is the city’s musical diversity – there’s literally a bit of everything for everyone, with a ton of different and very active concepts each attracting their own crowds. Be it house, industrial techno, hypnotic techno, house, minimal, tech house, drum & bass – you name it – all taste buds are perfectly balanced and catered to. Then, and maybe even more crucially, the unavoidable fact of Brussels being the capital of Europe makes for an immense cultural hotpot, creating a unique social diversity. And that, to me, is the key to a good party.

Deep in House’s Matthieu (left) and Tom (right)