January’s five musical breakthroughs

In 2013 Disconaivete will be hardwiring the latest musical happenings direct to his busy brain, ransacking popular music’s landscape for news of the most promising, prolific and prodigious of up-and-comers. Instead of the usual three shout outs, he’ll be digging a little deeper, with in-depth reports on five of the worthiest of pop’s latest plot lines, every single month.

It’s going to be a great year for pop music. This lot have been on heavy rotation throughout the blogosphere thanks to January releases. They’re mostly debuts and are likely to win over a lot more of us before the year is out.


Sivu, originally from Cambridge but currently residing in Waterloo, is good mates with Charlie Andrew. Yes, the same Charlie Andrew who produced the record everyone was listening to in 2012: Alt-J‘s An Awesome Wave. Charlie talent-spotted Sivu when he was doing the rounds with another band, and the pair soon ended up recording together. His debut single, Better Man Than He, is a fine piece of left-field pop: nifty and fun with an organic, jolly vibe. The artwork and music video were created at Barts Hospital by Adam Powell who spent the day with Sivu inside an MRI scanner, according to Pigeons & Planes. Sivu told us about an as-yet-unreleased track called Over and Over for which he invited a bunch of his friends over to form a choir for the day for a track that turned out to be quite the gem. One of his personal favourites, in fact. In terms of influences and inspirations, Kate Bush is a biggie: he calls her ‘such a talented lady’ and we are inclined to agree. On his day off, Sivu finds himself gazing at photos of beautiful things. Now go gaze inside his brain in the video for Better Man Than He and join in the hype.


Pretty Heart

Pretty Heart

Pretty Heart is the stage name of 20-something bedroom artiste Morgan Hollister from Perrysburgh, Ohio, a girl with a love for the dark and the scary but with a great ear for songwriting. After exploring her abilities through a series of EPs and loose singles, she released Toy in late 2012, and it’s a true pop noire gem. Pretty Heart is a huge Bat For Lashes fan and the influence is undeniable in her music, but while BFL leans more towards lightness and hope, Pretty Heart is more attracted to dark. Ghostly, sombre pop is her signature sound, and it comes with videos as shadowy as the music itself, which she creates with her best friend Matthew Cristie. Even though her sound is dark, the future is gonna be very, very bright for this young lady.





At first we were convinced that Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde) was some kind of internet experiment: how big could things get for a run-of-the-mill American girl who raps/talks over hazy beats? In one way, Kitty is a joke, but in another, she might just be the next big thing. Okay Cupid caught people’s attention and soon she was all over the internet. Some people called it the worst thing they had ever heard, while others called it the best. We initially found ourselves in camp one, but recently made a switch to camp two as we finally ‘got’ her vibe. And she certainly has a vibe: lyrically she’s very strong, add to that the series of rising producers she has been working with (Water, Grant and others) as well as some clever gimmicks. Her inspirations are hot rappers and singers like Danny Brown and Frank Ocean, and she says she has a bit of a thing for Justin Bieber, too. When we reached out to her, not much of what she said made any sense: the fact she thinks she’s a bit of a joke is charming and funny. There is no need to take Kitty seriously, and that’s the nice part of it: she’ll be busy doing her thang, like her or loath her. Either is okay. Her debut mixtape D.A.I.S.Y. Rage dropped on January 31 and was premiered by none other than Rolling Stone, who also named Okay Cupid as one of 2012’s best songs.


 Jack Magma

Jack Magma

The first time you play Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?, the infectious debut single from this Buffalo, N.Y. DIY’er, you get sucked into his fantastic vibe. Jack Magma has been causing quite a stir in the blogosphere of late. From the songwriting to the production to the artwork, Jack Magma is a pure independent artist. He considers himself a visual artist and created the artwork for the single, and hopes to direct music videos in the future. “Being a visual artist as well as an all-round art enthusiast lends a great deal to the process of not my only overall sound, but my ability to gather the sonic energy and to effectively place that into a visual representation” he says. Bits of his debut EP sample the laughter from an ex-girlfriend, recorded after they had broken up and were in that ‘post break up-can-we-fix-this’ type of period. (It even helped him to get closure, he says…) A laugh is maybe the best way to describe Jack Magma’s music, actually: it’s fun, it’s exciting and makes us smile.



Los Angeles babe DRÆMINGS, also known as Kimi Recor, is a talented singer/songwriter who decided to go solo after stints in several bands. She’s not completely on her own, though: Family of the Year help her for production-purposes. DRÆMINGS is inspired by female singers with intriguing voices and a certain mystique, like Chelsea Wolfe, Lana Del Rey and Dolly Parton. Her own sound is a mix of all of the above with production that loiters somewhere between dreamy pop and indie. Her debut mixtape NEVADA found its way into the digital realm earlier this month, but she still remembers recording the demos as if it were yesterday. “I was huddled over my computer, trying to be as quiet as possible so all the demos sound a lot more like whisper-singing. When I went into record with Joe from FOTY, it was the complete opposite because I sang all the songs as loud as I could”. And you can clearly hear it on any track from NEVADA; DRÆMINGS sets her voice and soul entirely free on every track. Apart from recording music as DRÆMINGS, Kimi is also writing a musical score for a children’s book she wrote and working on a line of reworked vintage pieces called Primitive with some friends. ” There really aren’t many moments that aren’t creative for me in some way. I’m really blessed to be surrounded by super creative, collaborative friends. They keep me inspired.