Fresh from their concert at Magic Mirrors last Saturday, we asked Belgian electronic duo Brussels Pony Club, a project which unites producer DkA and singer Parsifal Marin, to record an exclusive mix for us. Oscillating somewhere between blues, jazz, new wave and heavy beats, it is a mix best enjoyed at home or, even better, in a Ford Mustang, they say. Listen to the mix below, and scroll down for our full interview with the pair.

Can you describe your DJ act/band in a few words?

The Brussels Pony Club is a Brussels (duh…) based electronic duo, formed by producer DkA and vocalist/writer Parsifal Marin. Due to our very different backgrounds, our music occupies a grey area between beats, blues, jazz and new-wave.

Can you describe the mix in a few words?

With our mix we wanted to share the influences which led us to create the exclusive track. It’s more a mix to listen to at home than in a club. Or even better, in a Ford Mustang.

Can you tell us more about the exclusive track on the mix? 

The exclusive track is called ‘No Lies’, and contrary to our other stuff, it is less dark and much more simple. We love it nonetheless.

When and where did you record the mix?  

In what we call “L’écurie” (the stable). Which is DkA’s studio. It’s doors are always open to our friends, especially when we’re recording.

What’s your favourite track on it?

Ours, lol.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

Well, DkA is doing a gig in Berlin at Kater Holzig (previously Bar 25) featuring Parsifal. It’s a completely different kind of music, but we always have more fun together. As Brussels Pony Club we’ve got gigs in Marseille and Paris coming up September 21st and 22nd. After that it’s Ghent for DkA featuring Parsifal once again. Besides that Parsifal is working on some songs with other DJ’s and bands, but we don’t want to reveal too much just yet. We don’t want to jinx it.


1. Cliff Martinez – I Drive

2. Phantom Ghost – To Damascus

3. Brussels Pony Club – No Lies

4. Frankie Knuckles – It’s a cold cold world (Hotel Motel Re-Edit)

5. Liz Torres – Payback

6. Snuff Crew – We make you scream

7. Phil Weeks Ft. Derrick Carter – Where u at (Original Mix)

8. Mr. Fingers – Washing Machine (Swags Ariston Re-Edit)

9. DJ T. – Funk on you

10. Fox the Fox – Precious little diamond

11. Omar S. – Tecky Alexander

12. John Talabot – Matilda’s dream