Captain Starlight picks 12 of his favourite Belgian releases

In the run up to the next Holger night (at Brass on 12th December with Istanbul’s Baris K and Mehmet Aslan), we’ve tasked Captain Starlight (1985) with selecting some of his favourite Belgian releases. Known for his offbeat and eclectic DJ sets, the captain – who plays bad cop at Holger and good cop at Stroom – has concocted a 12-track strong playlist that goes from synth pop and new age to tribal and disco.


1. Afro-Disiak – Tambours d’eau (1988, Live, Franc’amour)

Pretty middle of the road live record, but i like new age, and i like percussion, so this track is a winner. Thanks Place du Jeu de Balle.

2. Nightfall in Camp – Cada día (1985, st, Soundwork) 

Raphaël Top-Secret passed this on to me a couple of weeks ago. Cada dia sounds like Lena Platonos, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Anna Domino – Trust in love (1984, East and west, Les Disques Du Crépuscule)

There will always be at least one Anna Domino track in my favourite Belgian records. At the moment it’s this one (but there’re many others…).

4. Sue Daniels – Constant raving (2001, Constant (raving), Heavenhotel)

I was obsessed with this song in my high school days. Still does it for me every time I hear it. Winners don’t use tupperware [You’ll have to ask Captain S. about this one]. 

5. Polyphonic Size – Mother’s little helper (1981, P.S., Sandwich records)

J.J. Burnel & Co. doing the Rolling Stones to a devastating effect.

6. Première Classe – La fille qui rit (1982, Poupée flash 12”, WEA)

Gorgeous slice of melancholic synth pop.

7. Enso Samai – Things on my mind (1982, 7”, Monopole)

That jacket! The necklace! The hair! Weird rumbling disco from Herentals, sponsored by the local discotheque & clothing store.

8.  Zazou / Bikaye / Cy 1 – M’PasiI Ya M’Pamba (1983, Noir et blanc, Crammed)

Another Jeu de Balle casualty. Hector Zazou lays down heavy tribal drumming blended with electronics and the great voice of Congolese singer Bony Bikaye. The whole LP is magic.

9. Kebab – Life it’s a joke (1982, 7”, Barakkenplaten)

Belgian punk from Diest. When that drum computer starts rolling ====> erection! [?].

10.The Concrete Beat – It’s not the way to do it (instrumental) (1989, 12”, Target Records)

One of the trillions of projects of Patrick De Meyer (Tragic Error, Technotronic, …). Ferocious new beat you could play in any techno set.

11. Kreng – Meisje in de auto (2009, L’autopsie phénoménale de dieu, Miasmash)

Pretty much my record of the fall. So haunting, sad and beautiful.

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