Belgian soul, funk and electronica imprint On-Point Records, founded in January 2010 as an extension to the formidable blog of the same name, has a well-documented knack for keeping its finger firmly on the pulse. All releases are limited singles and feature local bands and producers from BRNS to Jazz Neversleeps. The label’s just celebrated its 10th release and DJ SNS, part of the On-Point tribe since its early beginnings, has recorded a Word-exclusive tribute mix as a toast. Scroll down, have a listen, and read an interview with label founder Alex Deforce gushing about goosebumps and getting boxed deliveries of fresh wax.  

Can you tell me more about DJ SNS? Why did you choose him for the mix?

DJ SNS has been with On-Point from the get-go, he’s been part of The Bad Mothas, backing up JtotheC on the live shows and together they recently debuted as The Essence. He also produced JtotheC’s acclaimed love anthem Sweet Rendez-Vous.

What was your initial vision for the label? Has it changed over time?

On-Point started out with a series of 7″ vinyl releases, with which I wanted to showcase the local talent I’d seen around me for some time, but which seemed to be overlooked by the audiences and the promoters. I felt people were sleeping local soul, funk and electronic music.

What’s been the highlight of your time with On-Point?

There have been far too many highlights, to be honest with you. Seeing Delv!s on the cover of Focus Knack gave me goosebumps for a couple of days. When somebody told me they’d heard Jazz Neversleeps‘s Diepgank at Berghain in Berlin, that was big to me. With every new release, when the UPS delivery man rings the bell and brings in stacks of boxes of fresh wax, that’s still as exciting to me as it was with the first single.

What do you look for in an artist? How do you decide whom to take on?

Good music and honest vibes.

When you sign artists, what advice do you give them?

I rarely give advice to artists when I sign a release. I have been telling artists to do releases on other labels as well. I think within the genres that we represent, it is a logical and healthy thing to build your discography with several labels, preferably in different countries.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Convince people that what we do is not underground.

What do you think the label will look like in five years? What would you want it to be?

I have absolutely no idea.

Which artists would you really like to sign at the moment?

Female artists.



Seiren – Tin Man Drowning

Jazz Neversleeps ft. JtotheC – Take Care Of You

Tyrone Davis – Ain’t Nothing I Can Do

The Essence – Get Out

Title & Delvis – Sidechain Reaction (dub)

JtotheC & The Bad Mothas – Sweet Rendez-Vous (Billy Palmier remix)

JtotheC & The Bad Mothas – Sweet Rendez-Vous (Jazz Neversleeps remix)

JtotheC & The Bad Mothas – Sweet Rendez-Vous (Monkeyrobot remix)

JtotheC & The Bad Mothas – Sweet Rendez-Vous (Sleepin’ Giant remix)

JtotheC & The Bad Mothas – Sweet Rendez-Vous (Kid Sublime remix)

Billy Palmier – So Hot In The Summer

Billy Palmier – Together (Jazz Neversleeps remix)

Jazz Neversleeps – Natte Vinger

Jazz Neversleeps – Diepgank

Jazz Neversleeps – Linh

Freekwency – On The Line

Maseratay – Never Let You Go

Maze ft. Frankie Beverly – Reason

Change – Promise Your Love

Mother’s Finest – Love Changes

The Essence – Changed pt. 2

Leron Thomas – Appear To Stack