Cult Belgian blog On-Point’s exclusive playlist for streaming site Juke

Part two of our sponsored playlist exclusives sees On-Point point man Alex Deforce dig deep into Juke’s catalogue, testing the streaming service’s limits with his customary obscure and rarefied searches. The result is this somewhat sun-soaked selection of tracks, the perfect playlist for the summer’s left over sparkles of sun.

Listen to the playlist

What was the most appealing feature Juke had to offer?

I love the speed of the library catalogue, and the fact that everything is streaming from the site, as opposed to certain other services using their app.

If you had to improve one thing on Juke, what would it be?

For some reason I found the interface not so clear when playing playlists. The playlist should have a play button, like the individual tracks have (maybe in another color).

Can you describe your playlist/mix in a few words?

I played the tracks through my window and asked a couple of people in the street to describe the playlist. Here’s what they had to say: “Season of the sun a go-go, aka Good Times Are To Be Had!,”
“The sun can mellow you out, but it sure as hell can be energizing too, right?,”  and “Life is not a cocktail!”

Were there any songs you would have liked to include which you couldn’t find/weren’t available?

My collection is based on vinyl. It is an illusion to think an online service will ever cover everything that’s in there. Because of obscureness, but also for legal reasons. There’s a lot of music out there to be discovered, but it’ll never be available digitally. So yes, there were songs I would have wanted to include, but I could not.

What is your favourite song on the playlist?

Be Thankful For What You’ve Got, although it should be credited as ‘disco version’ in the system, because this is not the original version. Happily surprised to have found this in the catalogue though, only found me a vinyl copy of this just the other day, I’d been looking for that for quite some time now.

If you were asked to do another playlist, what theme would you give it?

Local heroes, old and new.

Now that you’ve used Juke, would you recommend it to your friends and family? If so, why?

Definitely, it works like a charm, and the tracks load extremely fast. The catalogue is quite extensive already and I presume it will only get bigger and better.