Black metal, sludge doom four-piece Deuil

Liège-based Deuil released their latest EP “Shock/Deny” at the end of May 2015 on record label Consouling Sounds. Here, the band’s guitarist opens up about the band’s recording process, pretentious local groups and not sacrificing goats or virgins before shows. An interview that first was published in our November-December print edition.

A word about your name. Explain it.

Deuil is the French word for “mourning” or “grief”. We chose it because we want to try and express the feelings you go through after the loss of someone.

A word about your hometown, and its scene. Introduce it.

We come from Liège. The scene here is quite big for a town like Liège but there are a lot of shitty bands with arrogant people playing in them. That’s sad. We also have great bands in the DIY scene here, lots of punk or hardcore bands.

A word about your recording process. Outline it.

We write everything together in our rehearsal room. I just come up with some guitar riffs and then we try to find some arrangement together. R. puts some vocals and when everything is okay for us he writes the lyrics. The samples come in the end of the writing process. When we have new songs we practice them a lot and we play them over and over with a metronome to be ready to record them in the studio.

A word about the hardest thing when recording music.

As we are all have been friends for ages, it is sometimes really difficult to stay focused on the work to do.

A word about your pre-performance ritual.

Sorry we don’t have any rituals before a show. No goat or virgin girl sacrifices.

Tell us about the cover artwork of your last release. What does it illustrate, and who designed it?

The « Shock / Deny » cover was designed by Rotten Fantom from Moscow, Russia. It illustrates the vision the guys have of many steps in the mourning process. When I ask an artist to design something for us, I always give him a theme and let him do what he wants. I find it ridiculous to choose an artist and tell him what to do.

A habit you have when in the studio. Be honest about it.

Watching stupid movies and drinking lots of cheap booze.

What’s your favourite debut album by another band?

Usnea’s first album was a killer. Too bad the new one is awful.

What’s the most important piece of music equipment to your recording process, and why?

My two amps. Without them I woudn’t be able to have that creepy sound I like so much.

What’s next for you? Releases, concerts, etc...

I’m now working on the next Album.

A Belgian band we should be following.

Wyatt E.