Dig this: 10 ambient, punk and new wave Belgian tracks

With pre-orders for our new and updated guidebook to Belgium This is Belgium now open, we continue our series of incursions into the depth of underground Belgian music with this 10-track tribute to the country’s ambient and new wave scenes.

  1.  Ages – Bruoscella, 2’40 – Dimensions, 1982

New age ambient with killer synths.

  1. Kaa Antilope – Fifty Meters Deep, 2’23 – 1981

Eerie and experimental. One half of Kaa Antilope is Frédéric Walheer, co-founder of re-issue label Sub Rosa.

  1. Kaa Antilope – Helicopter Song (rise up helicopter, like a bird), 3’57 – VPRO RadioNome, 1982

  1. Kaa Antilope – Back in India, 1’36

  1. De Kommeniste – Ritmische Dans, 3’25 – 1000 Duizend Titels, 1979

Post-punk/new wave band from the Antwerp area. Released just one album, limited to 1000 copies, each personalised with a hammer and metal bar. De Kommeniste also released a track as The Plant. All killer.

  1. Ratbau – Moscow ist frei, 5’45 – Underground Belgian Wave Volume 1, 2010

Obscure new wave act fronted by Dirk De Saever and Dirk Serries, the latter an accomplished ambient composer. Originally released on cassette, this track was reissued on Walhalla’s monumental compilation, Underground Belgian Wave Volume 1.

  1. Subject – I see you, 3’16

Alain Neffe, Daniel Malempré and Mirella Brunello. Off the excellent Belgian new wave compilation Belgian Wave & Pop Songs From The 1980’s

  1. Satin wall – Dans les profondeurs, 4’05 – B9 compilation, 1981

Early 80s cold wave. Typical Belgian moodiness. Sheer bliss.

  1. The Lost – Security, 3’50 – Security, 1983

Massive new wave cut. Only released one album.

  1. Trisomie 21 – La Fête Triste, 6’34 – Passions Divisées, 1984

Subliminal track. Trisomie 21 are actually French, but the album was released on Brussels label LD Records.