Dig this: 10 experimental and new wave Belgian cuts

Our weekly selection of little-known Belgian cuts starts on an experimental tip, to move into folk-funk territory then goes onto electronic, new wave and synth pop.

1.Louis De Meester – Incantations (From the compilation album “Incantations, Hygiene, Studie, Sellotape, Trois visages de Liège)

Eerie, sound explorations from the mad hater of Belgian classic compositions. Got tipped off about this one by Razen, who has this to say about the track and its cult composer: “The sounds of a nightmare, albeit a strangely exotic one. “Incantations” was created in 1958, shortly before De Meester started working at IPEM in Ghent (from 1962 – 1969). I kind of worry about this composer’s mental state each time I hear this track. As it turns out, Louis De Meester was born in Roeselare. So maybe it’s the dust particles from all of the factories around the harbour. Or maybe it were the years in Morocco, when he called himself “Louis Master” while teaching solfège in Meknès…”

2. Catherine Jauniaux – Kebadaya (From the album “Fluvial”)

Tribal-tinted avant-garde jazz and folk released in 1983 by the singer better known for laying down vocals on Aksak Maboul’s Milano per Caso.

3. Daniel Schell and Dick Annegarn – Granvelle (From the album “Egmont and the Ff Boom”)

Exquisite bit of folk-funk released in 1978 by Dutch singer-songwriter Dick Annegarn, with COS ringleader Daniel Schell on guitar. Thanks to Tommy De Nys for recommending this one.

4.Darcman – Cycles

Another obscure Dan Lacksman and Marc Moulin collaboration under one of their many monikers. Cosmic keys with a disco-boogie feel that was recorded as the theme song for Belgium’s Wheel of Fortune TV show.

5. La La  – Do the Kangaroo (From the single “Do the Kangaroo”)

Released by the precursor band to Arno’s TC Matic in 1981, this is the only single that was released under the La La name.

Editor’s Note: Wool-E tapes head honcho Dimitri just corrected us on Facebook about this release stating that: “Lala is not pre-TC Matic, it’s actually a TC Matic side-project featuring all TCM members, that came to life when JM Aerts & Arno did the production for Sonia Dufour. A SD album was planned, but in the end only 4 songs were recorded and released as 2 singles, one in 81 and the other in 83.”

6. Lester Lewitt – Probhu Sen (From the album “Kombinations Hypothetiqs)

Killer offbeat electronic track released in 2000 and suggested to us by soFa, who’ll me manning the decks at our release party at Bozar tomorrow.

7. A Blaze Colour – An Addict of Time (From the EP “Against the Dark Trees Beyond”) 

Short-lived A Blaze Colour – who formed in 1981 and disbanded in 1983 – released only but a handful of tracks, all in the minimal synth/new wave vein. Features Ludo Camberlin on vocals and synths and Bam (aka Karel Saelemaekers) on synths and visuals.

8. Nausea – Killing time (From the single “Vocal Expression”)

The B-side to the Vocal Expression single. Beautiful minimal synth-pop with lovely vocals.

9. Polyphonic Size – Mother’s Little Helper (From the EP “Mother’s Little Helper”)

Rolling Stones cover recorded by the cult Brussels new wave act and released in 1982.

10. Zynthezyzer – Green Unions

Absolutely no liner notes to this one, if not for the fact that it is a cover of Booker T & The MJ’s’ Green Onion and was recommended to us by Captain Starlight here.