Dig this: 10 obscure punk and new wave cuts

Further inroads into the depths of oddball and obscure Belgian music in tribute to the upcoming release of our new and updated guidebook to Belgium This is Belgium, with yet another selection of 10 local cuts, this time from the early 80s era. We start things off ambient and adventurous, to ends things resolutely punk.

  1. Daniel Schell x Karo – 3 Moustiquaires, 4’30 – If Windows They Have, 1988

Following his prog-rock/fusion-rock years with COS, bassist Daniel Schell continued his sonic explorations through Karo, an evolving outfit of musicians which, for the most parts, played a unique blend of ethnic folk music, with Schell’s Chapman stick always central.

  1. Benjamin Lew / Steven Brown –Dans les Jardins, 7’37 – Douzième Journée: Le Verbe, La Parure, L’Amour, 1982

Tribal dub released on 1982’s collaborative effort which saw Steven Brown, one half of avant-garde pioneers Tuxedomoon, partner up with Benjamin Lew for a haunting and hypnotic album. Features Marc Hollander on clarinet and percussion.

  1. Luc Van Acker – Untitled A2 – Untitled, 1982

Produced by TC Matic’s Jean Marie Aerts, this album sees Arbeid Adelt!’s Luc Van Acker branch out solo for some riveting and utterly uninhibited industrial electronic music. Fast forward to 4’10 for the real heat.

  1. Fizik – History, 2’25 – No Big Business compilation, 1985

Obscure new wave act that only released two 7’ records. This track is of the excellent No Big Business compilation, which also features The Scabs, Siglo XX and Luc Van Acker.

  1. Trisomie 21 – Pleasure, 3’39 – Chapter IV – Le Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi Et Le Presque Rien, 1986

Monumental and majestic new wave track from the legendary darkwave act’s third album. Not from Belgium exactly, but released on PIAS’ now defunct Scarface imprint. And Lille pretty much is Belgium anyway.

  1. Trisomie 21 – The last song, 4’25 – Chapter IV – Le Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi Et Le Presque Rien, 1986

Double bill.

  1. The Honeymoon Killers – Décollage, 3’09 – Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel, 1981

Aksak Maboul-affiliated The Honeymoon Killers, released a first album as Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel in 1977 then followed up with this one in 1981. Killer groove.

  1. The Scabs – So Called Friends, 4’35 – So Called Friends, 1981

First 7” single released by the legendary garage punk outfit from Diest. The kind of tracks kids used to descend onto the streets for.

  1. The Scabs – Trapped y the Rain, 3’46 – Here’s to you, Gang, 1983

And another double bill.

  1. De Kommeniste – Konkrete Twist, 4’45 – 1000 Duizend Titels, 1979

Flemish-flavoured two-step punk. All killer.