DJ Youri Van Driessche’s 10 favourite Belgian releases

Youri Van Driessche (1970) is a DJ, radio host, writer and all-round music lover with a penchant for reggae and dub. He’s performed on nearly every Belgian festival alongside his DJ collective Dub Front Association, hosts Dub Front on Fm Brussel every Wednesday at 23h00, curates a 22tracks playlist and is part of the team for Reggae Geel, Europe’s longest running reggae festival. These are his favourite Belgian releases.

1. Jason Rawhead ft Ragga Yves – Black Box (from the ‘Black Box’ cd single released on PIAS in 1992)

Put on your leather boots and have a spliff. It’s perfectly ok to shake that dancehall booty in a moshpit.

2. GT Moore & The Lost Ark Band – Be True (from the ‘Seek The Kingdom First’ cd released on Lost Ark Music in 2013)

UK legend who has been residing on and off in Belgium over the last four decades teams up with members of Pura Vida, one of Belgium’s best reggae bands. Recorded at Pura Vida’s Lost Ark Studio, this album captures the analog sound and feel of Lee Perry’s Black Ark. Deep meditation roots by a man who had the privilege to work at Perry’s Black Ark. Lost Ark/Pura Vida have worked with Perry recently.

3. Tjens Couter – I Can Dance (from the ‘Plat Du Jour’ LP released on International Bestseller Company in 1978)

Arno meets Decoutere in a premature TC Matic thing. CBGB material. The album ‘Plat Du Jour’ has recently been reissued on Starman Records. Finally.

4. Jo Bogaert – Ambient Kinsky (from the ‘Different Voices’ CD released on XXP Records in 1993)

Pump Up The Jam producer catches the flow of the moment and delivers a brilliant ambient album. Deserves a spot on your shelf in the ‘Orb/Biosphere/Future Sound’ section.

5. The Weathermen – Poison (from ‘The Black Album According To The Weathermen’ LP released on PIAS in 1988)

Apparently it all started as a joke. And I like a good joke.

6. STUFF. – Skywalker (from the ‘STUFF.’ LP released on Buteo Buteo in 2015)

Stuff. with a dot. Not open for discussion, this is the best Belgian live band at the moment. Future electro jazz with a dub feel or something along those lines.

7. Marc Moulin – Into The Dark (from the ‘Top Secret’ CD released on Blue Note in 2001)

One of Belgium’s most influential producers invites the ‘crème de la crème’ of the Belgian jazz scene and delivers what might be the ultimate jazz dance tune. Out on Blue Note. Says it all, I guess?

8. Dubtales – Boule d’Or (from ‘The Fantastico All Stars’ 12” single released on Downsall Plastics in 1998)

Dubtales came, saw and left. A brilliant mix of dub, dance and big beats.

9. Briskey – Lost City (from the ‘Before-During-After’ CD released on Terra Notta in 2009)

Cinematic music conducted by musical mastermind Gert Keunen. It screams film noir, lipstick and a good portion of Belgian surrealism. To be consumed at 5am with a Keun, a beer brewed by Mr. Keunen himself.

10. Bedtime For Bonzo – The Bloody Violation Of Mickey Mouse’s Virginity on 59th St. (from ‘The Ultimate Refreshment’ 12” single released on Terraswing in 1984)

Post-punk, as it was called, or Butthole Surfers on acid, as I would call it. Sleep tight.