Eddi Front

IVANA XL is one of many Brooklyn-chanteuses who’s been around for years, uploading music to bandcamp every now and then, soundtracking an advertisement and playing concerts in bars every couple of weeks. And if all goes well, that’s about to change drastically: IVANA XL has taken on a new persona and goes by the name of EDDI FRONT these days. The name change is a gimmick that has experienced a bit of a recent resurgence (Lizzy Grant aka Lana Del Rey, anyone?), but if it pushes you deservedly into the spotlight, we’re all for it. Her first two tracks as EDDI FRONT, CRY BELIXS and GIGANTIC, are two melancholic, fragile piano-based beauties. The atmosphere makes you feel like you’ve just entered a bar in the late 70’s to find a girl singing lovely songs behind a piano. Simply beautiful.



Romare makes Africa sound so contemporary we’re considering packing our bags and moving there right now. He spent over a year collecting samples – of music, speeches, movies and field recordings- that are all connected in one way or another to African culture, taking it all and tossing it into a dishwasher (it’s more complex than that of course, but you get the picture) with twostep. The result is Meditations On Afrocentrism, a 4-track EP that pushes all the boundaries of modern music and gives most producers a run for their money. The tracks are as smart as they are playful, the perfect soundtrack to this sunny weather.


Alt-J (∆)

Indie pop bands come and go. Few manage to stand out from the masses, too often because they only have a handful of enjoyable songs, lacking originality and overall quality on their full-length. Alt-J (∆)’s story is a successful one though. as their debut album An Awesome Wave really is quite awesome. The band formed at Leeds University in 2007 and have been fine-tuning their mix of alt pop, folk and hip-hop ever since. The most particular thing about Alt-J (∆) is singer Joe’s quirky vocals, something that gives their sound that extra push other bands can only dream of. Breezeblocks, M∆tilda, Fitzplease – An Awesome Wave just overflowing with hits.