From today on, homegrown music blogger Disco Naïveté will contribute to these pages every two weeks, bringing you his personal pick of the freshest emerging acts worldwide, kicking it off with Elliphant, Haim and Faws. The Leuven-based twenty-something, still at university, has made quite a name for himself in the past year or so, with his blog of daily independent music hot tips being name-dropped by none other than internationally renowned music gurus Pitchfork. No kidding.


Elliphant are the newest mystery project to hail from Sweden – all we know is they’re fronted by a brunette and managed by Company TEN, who brought us Niki & the Dove and Icona Pop, amongst others. Elliphant bring energetic pop to the stage but mix it up with a tribal influence, as if the Swedish pop-sound isn’t powerful enough as it is. The band launched itself into the blogosphere with the somewhat odd video for In The Jungle, a vid that’s as colorful as the song itself. Shortly after, they treated us to TeKKno Scene, the musical equivalent of fireworks with it’s blops and bleeps. Elliphant are energetic and exciting, but above all, they’re fun.


Girl-bands like Dum Dum Girls, Warpaint and Vivian Girls are more popular than ever. Indie rock is overloaded with men, and yet proper rock chicks are adding that extra twist to the typical indie rock sound, giving it an added appeal. Haim are the latest girl-band on the scene and are set to conquer many hearts this year. The three sisters basically grew up on stage – they were in a band with their parents – giving them the opportunity to learn the ropes. They’ve recently formed their own band, and, oh boy, what a wise decision. An amazing (and free!) 3-track EP, backed up by glorious live performances on SXSW, as well as support from the blogosphere is “all” they needed to launch their career as Haim. Mixing bad-ass guitar vibes with catchy pop rhythms and elements of hip-hop, the fact that all three are on vocals gives the music even more layers. If the ladies of Haim keep it up, they’ll probably be spending the rest of their lives on a stage as well. Mr. and Mrs. Haim can be proud.


Anyone with a laptop is a “producer” nowadays, yet only few make beats that actually stand out from the crowd. Dublin-based mystery producer Faws is one of them. Out of nowhere, he dropped the Antonym EP which holds 5 “post-dubstep” (whatever that means) gems. Atmospheric electronica built on different vocal samples, his touches are subtle, yet feel so grand. Fans of beatsmiths like Burial, James Blake and Nicolas Jaar will go nuts for Faws. Maybe it’s best to compare Faws to Nicolas Jaar, as both primarily focus on the use of samples in their music, but while Nico keeps the overall minimal mood, Faws’ sound is full of rhythm.