Leuven-based DJ Trime, and this mix he delivers for us, symbolises everything we currently love about the country’s homegrown beats and hip hop heroes. They live slightly off the radar, keeping their heads down and doing their thing with the confidence of veterans. Then, every now and then, they pop their head out at showcases, label nights or even with exclusive mixes such as these, and the crowds just go ‘wow’. Think dreamy, honey-laced opening soundscapes, soulful breaks, some fancy footwork and the kind of head-nodding hip hop bangers that drop on you like a six-pack of whup ass. Turn it up a lil’ louder and enjoy. Mix and full interview below.

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The Word Mix 25: Trime by The Word on Mixcloud

Can you describe the mix to us in a few words?

The mix starts with a few 130-140 beats, the intro is an exclusive beat by Sokoto, and evolves into hip hop and instrumentals with, in the end, a footwork/jungle part including an homage to the legendary Dj Rashad who died earlier this year.

Can you describe yourself in a few words? Your sound, approach to making music, your influences, how it all started, etc…

I’ve always been very passionate about vinyl, my dad has tons of them so around the age of 13 I think I started to buy my own. My father’s brother taught me how to beatmatch and so I started dj’ing with vinyl on my dad’s technics. I started saving money to buy Searto because I wanted to play more than just vinyl-only tracks and since last year I got my own decks. I always try to bring a lot of diversity, and mix different genres, mostly hiphop influenced.

Is music a full-time thing for you at the moment?

Dj-ing is not a full-time thing but I have a concept in Leuven called Slagwerk which started a year and few months ago as a party concept. We’ve had artists like Iamnobodi, LTGL, Dj Slow…and for our first birthday we released a free compilation with beats from Poldoore, Title, FilosofischeStilte, Sokoto, ToolBox and Fris. It has been a while since we had the last edition but we’re working on the next one and combined with the parties I hope to go on with the label and release more beats by local producers in the future.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track on the mix? Why did you chose to include this one? If it isn’t one of your own productions, how did you come across the artist?

The exclusive track is the intro, it’s a beat by Sokoto, a 17-year old producer from Leuven who is also part of the Slagwerk collective and planning to release on Tangram Records, home of Moodprint, UpHigh Collective, LTGL and more. He played his first live set a few weeks ago at Lefto’s ‘Made in Belgium’ showcase in de Vooruit and I can see that this guy’s gonna make it.

Listen to Trime’s Soundcloud over here.

Listen to Sokoto’s Soundcloud over here.

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