Aalst’s Kraak festival has, over the years, carved out a reputation for itself as a fervent supporter of everything avant-garde and experimental. Headed up by the guys behind the Ghent-based label of the same name, we got them to record an exclusive mix for us in advance of their next edition, happening this weekend. The inspiration behind the mix? “The neo-romantic, the afghanistani kraut and the polder psych, intertwingled by cosmic messages from knesselaere and avant-garde poetry in it’s most sonic form.” There you have it.

Exclusive mix 32: KRAAK by The Word on Mixcloud

On kraak:

KRAAK is a Ghent-Based label, and all-round active concert organizer. We put on up to 10 to 12 events, and 2 festivals with off the radar musicians, covering a broad spectrum from deconstructed pop music to off-stream avant-garde, which could be broadly described as the Musical Other—or as desintegrated design for the avant-garde soul.

On the exclusive track.

It’s a fresh track by the Brussels-based duo of Kim Delcour and Brecht Ameel – aka Razen. They are two multi-instrumentalists inspired by an age old musical experience, leaning to the ritual. They apply contemporary avant-garde techniques to old instruments like bombus, hurdy-gurdy, baroque flute and more to create a strong yet subtle overtone sound, which force people into a deep experience of the here and now. KRAAK released last november the double LP Remote Hologram.

What are your top three albums of the year so far and why?

Too early in the year to reflect on yet, still enjoying 2014 records. But maybe the Afghan Gold demo’s, the  next Razen record and new stuff by lieven martens moana will blow 2015 apart.

Kraak festival takes place the 7th of March 2015 in Aalst with Rodion GA, Young Marble Giants, Vex Ruffin…