Truth be told, we were somewhat taken by surprise the first time we stumbled upon Brussels-based producer samuelspaniel’s next level kind of atmo-internet-beatish-ambient-younameit sound. We couldn’t really place it, but we knew we’d be hearing more of it in the months to come. Fast-forward to 2015, and the man’s everywhere, including here in our exclusive mix series. Expect an hour of washed-out ambient, solid beats and internet rarities.

Exclusive mix 34: Samuelspaniel by The Word on Mixcloud

Can you describe yourself in a few words? Your sound, approach to making music, your influences, how it all started, etc…

I don’t really remember an exact moment when I started making music. I had a drum at home when I was a child but didn’t play. Few years later at the age of 15 I hosted a hip-hop show at a local student radio during one year. Every week we used to invite different MC’s to take the mic. I remember one day we made a special-seven-hours–show with a big bunch of rappers. That was so intense. I started to make rap beats during this period.

How did you first start making music? How does it fit into your life?

Currently at the age of 24 I spend more time to making music than before. The reason isn’t that I’m so productive but because I’m trying to put my tracks out of my bedroom and starting to make live sets as well.

Is music a full-time thing for you at the moment? If not, what are your other occupations?

I finished sound engineer studies three years ago. I’m working now as a freelance sound designer and boom operator. Mainly for short-movies, adverts and documentaries. I don’t have a full-time job so I put energy into making music.

Can you describe the mix in a few words? What is its overriding influence, where would it best be enjoyed, what makes it special? When and where did you record it? Describe the room, the furniture, the walls, the view from the room, the neighbourhood, the weather at the time, etc…

I was moving to a new bedroom when I did this mix. There was a lot of stuff on the floor because I was re-arranging furniture, etc. I was in a kind of changing mood, listening to my itunes library in a new environment. The result is a back and forth between calm and rhythmic tracks passing by many different atmospheres. I mean it’s not only all about « beat ». Basically it translates the way I used to listen music at home, in shuffle mode. Since my room is tidy now I can fully enjoy the large view I have from my window on the north of Brussels. The sky is blue today. No clouds. I’m seeing lot of planes flying low to land or just taking off.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track on the mix? Why did you chose to include this one? If it isn’t one of your own productions, how did you come across the artist?

« Never Return » by Both Hands. It’s a track I made with Kassett. We met last year on soundcloud because he asked me to be part of his new label, DRLR. We quickly realised we shared a large range of music tastes so we decided to make something extra from our own projects. The very first result of this collab is this.

What’s your favourite track on the mix?

Difficult to choose one because I like them all… « MYD » by Evian Christ makes me move.

What are your top 3 albums of the year so far and why?

SFV Acid – Amber’s Stuff : I really like the chill atmosphere giving off of this album. As much in the harmony as into the sound itself. I feel something really « honest » in this guy’s music.

James Ferraro – Suki Girlz : One of his last several mixtape that you can find online for free. I include one track on the beginning of the mix. I listen to James Ferraro’s music when I have to focus on something. It gives me concentration.

bine☃ – Things Will Be Better From Now On : I feel this album like modern melancholy or something like that. This is so intense and emotional with many « hi-tech » tones. The guy just changed his name to Blank Body on soundcloud.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

Many things in the next few weeks… Probably focusing on new tracks now that my bedroom is tidy.

Picture ©Caroline Lessire