This instalment of our by now classic Exclusive mix series was delicately crafted in Antwerp by Venus in Cancer. Also known as a writer slash curator slash creative director under the moniker Coco Pastis,  she’s made us a mix called “Feminine Mystique”. Here’s the idea: “Just like women, this mix has many layers; it tells one story with many truths. Some say you can’t understand women. Well, don’t try to understand this set. Just let the Feminine Mystique wash over you.” Spinning from French icon Brigitte Fontaine to the wild inuit throat singer’s Tanya Tagaq – we think this mix is perfect from start to finish.

Exclusive mix 42: Venus in Cancer by The Word Magazine on Mixcloud

Can you describe yourself in a few words? Your sound, approach to making music, your influences, how it all started, etc…
How did you first start making music? How does it fit into your life?

Venus In Cancer is one of my favorite Robbie Basho tracks, a guitarist from the seventies who made some amazing work. Every set I play is like a ritual. I am very conscious of the energies and the mood I am setting. My goal is to bring back the ancient tradition of ritual. We are all magical, we just don’t remember it.

Is music a full-time thing for you at the moment? If not, what are your other occupations?

Although I have a very consuming and passionate relationship with music, it is not my full-time occupation. I’m a writer. I organize events with an other project of mine: Coco Pastis. And I’m currently trying to make more visual work. I’m a hustler. Doing a lot of things, expressing myself in a lot of different ways. Although for me there is a clear line: I want to tell stories and make magic. The most important thing is the place it’s coming from. I try to tell stories that belong to everyone, universal truths so to speak. I hope to make my own music some day. But I’m a late bloomer.

Can you describe the mix in a few words? What is its overriding influence, where would it best be enjoyed, what makes it special?

In this mix, I tried to catch the Feminine Mystique in all its forms. It goes from sweet, to melancholic, to provocative, sensual and mysterious. It has many layers – just like a woman. And just like the different music styles that influence me. I don’t like to stick to one style. For me it’s important that everything flows and tells a story. I recommend listening to this mix while watering your plants or while you chug a glass of fine tequila. It’s also very helpful for men who want to get in touch with their feminine side. It’s a very liberating mix.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track on the mix? Why did you choose to include this one? If it isn’t one of your own productions, how did you come across the artist?

The exclusive track on this mix is Young Girls by Princess Nokia the group around Destiny Nicole Frasqueri. She’s an amazing artist. This song is a tribute to all the women of magic from Puerto Rico, where she grew up. I love howFrasqueri includes spiritual influences in her work. I can relate to that. She’s definitely one to keep on the radar!

When and where did you record it? Describe the room, the furniture, the walls, the view from the room, the neighbourhood, the weather at the time, etc…

I recorded this mix in my kitchen while burning some white sage and eating spaghetti. It was raining outside and my hair was a mess.

What’s your favourite track on the mix?

Hard to say. I love Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes. She is a woman of magic alright. Brigitte Fontaine is killing me with her crazy lyrics. But if I must choose, I’d say Ulali with Mother. It’s an ode to Mother Earth. I played it at a party once and every one started dancing! It was amazing, goosebumps all over. Can you forgive me for the J-Lo I threw in at the very end?.. :)

What are your top 3 albums of the year so far and why?

Tyranny by Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. Their track Human Sadness is amazing. And the whole band is very likeable. Other than that I must say I’m not really keeping up with what’s hot and happening. Most artists I like stopped recording in the 70s.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

I think a visit to my Shaman is in order. Although I had DJ gigs every week last month, the weeks to come are quiet. Time to do some reflection and writing. However, I am planning to throw a Nepal party for charity.