Having grown up in a small Dutch village, Antwerp-based producer and visual artist Oval Angle (real name Geran Knol) was “surrounded by endless fields and forest,” a fact that went on to define his propensity for back-to-basic production values and shape his slow-paced and uncluttered sound. Check his exclusive mix for proof, and make sure to grab a copy of our latest edition to read an interview of him.

Join us tomorrow from 20h for the release party of our new edition.

Can you describe yourself in a few words? Your sound, your influences, how it started, etc.?

My music is mostly based on sounds that have been designed and inspired by certain moods, sometimes it becomes a kind of structured song and other times it’s more like a collage. I wouldn’t make music without making images either, they go hand in hand. I started with visual work, but by adding sound to it it can complement both.

How did you first start making music? How does it fit into your life?

I started quite a while ago, but never really put time and effort into it. Because I started studying art it moved to the background, only to be picked up again in 2013 when I released my first tape and realised that the two could go together. I’m still searching for ways to do that.

Is music a full-time thing for you at the moment? If not, what are your other occupations?

Right now my main focus is still on drawing and painting.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track on the mix? Why did you chose to include this one? If it isn’t one of your own productions, how did you come across the artist?

There’s four unreleased songs by me, of which two are not totally finished. “Punya” by Moon B will be released this spring, he was kind enough to send me this track. The last song in the mix is an early version of a song from my last tape.

When and where did you record it? Describe the room, the furniture, the walls, the view from the room, the neighbourhood, the weather at the time, etc…

I recorded it while recovering from a flu, while the first rays of sunlight were coming in. At a certain point my neighbour went to sit on her roof terrace enjoying that same light, while she could look straight at me recording. I also walked around a little, watered my plants, made some food and then ate it.

What’s your favourite track on the mix?

Sony by Gemendo, another alias of Kassett a.k.a. Gavin Vanaelst a.k.a. one half of Coco Haram, it’s the only track in the mix that is very loud but I thought it fits somehow. I’m performing with Coco Haram on 20th May in Antwerp.

What are your top albums of the year so far and why?

So far I like the new EP of Don’t DJ, No Live Matter by chris††† and the new album of Fatima Al Qadiri.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

I’m going back to the drawing table to start working on the visuals for my performance.