Exclusive mix 65: Rave, punk and synth with Jardin

We recently interviewed French-born, Brussels-based producer and artist Jardin in our April-May edition (read it here), jumping on the occasion to also ask him to contribute to our exclusive mix series at the same time. You’re in for a mouthful of moody electronic, with the odd exclusive or two, the lot topped off by vocal additions by Jardin himself.

Join us on Thursday 16th June at Bozar for a night of locals only concerts (Sale Gosse, It It Anita and KZK) and DJ sets (soFa and Sixsixsixties) to mark the release of our June-July edition

Can you describe yourself in a few words?
I’m Jardin, I’m a musician but also an artist. My music is a mix of all my influences, from Rap to Punk and Rave, it’s as wide as life can be. I do vocals, analog machines and also digital stuff and I often improvise and let accidents happen. I think it’s because I discovered Free Jazz and Experimental Music from the 70’s quite early in my parents’ record collections, but my mother also gave me Mc Solaar, NTM & IAM.

How did you first start making music?
It started because of my parents, but also because I created a rap band for my last charity fair in primary school. In college I had a weekly radio show with friends called BPM for three years. It was really useful to open my mind to micro scenes of experimental rap or to other styles.

Is music a full-time thing for you at the moment?
Music takes up a lot of my time but it’s also connected with my art practice. I often create installations or video projects that include my musical experiments. Being an artist today means being multifunctional, so to earn a bit of money I’m also a video maker. I started doing podcasts quite recently because it’s easier to me than playing live. I just started a Voice Over Dance Mix series and this is the second round. I used to mix a few texts or video excerpts with a wide range of music so it’s definitely something to listen to at home or while on the road. This one is whispering something about women’s role in music, it’s also influenced by the music we shared during my first tour in January with my duo Our Fortress next to Harshlove, Tamara Goukassova and Gauche-Droite.

Can you describe the mix in a few words?
I always try to put exclusive tracks in my mixes from my different projects as Jardin, Our Fortress and Sex Body Ache. I’m really concerned by collective works and the tracks I chose here were recorded with female friends. Jasmine Tridevil’s “Recall (New Shape)” will appear on my next LP at Le Turc Mécanique. I also played the track from my improviser friend JORJE18 which only exists on youtube and the track from Contessa Stuto. I asked her for it by mail, because she wrote a powerful manifest by shifting the gender of the famous expression “MC”.

When and where did you record it?
I recorded it on the 14th of February on the 5th floor, in a friend’s flat in Forest. I’m on the move quite a bit for now, I don’t have a studio or my own flat anymore… the artist life he. It was a sunny evening, my lover was in the next room while I was playing with an old laptop, a mixer, a few fx pedals and a mic.

What’s your favourite track on the mix?
I love a lot of the tracks on the mix because they are from people whom I’m really close to, but one of my favourites is “To The Chase” by Tamara Goukassova. During our Mort Pour La Transe Tour I saw her playing that hit several times and she gave us a really deep and poetic energy. This record reminds me of that moment.

What are your top 3 albums of the year so far?
AIR LQD – Hermetica (Okvlt)
Volcan – Thysia (Camisole Records)
Le Matin – Trouble78 (Self-released)