Exclusive mix 72: tropical bass with DJ Elephant Power

Brussels-based DJ Elephant Power delivers a mid-summer mix full of throbbing bass lines, scratches and heavy-duty beats. He describes it as “best enjoyed during a private party with the volume cranked up high,” although we’d tend more towards the dance floor with this one. Wild out.

Can you describe yourself in a few words?

If I had to describe myself in three words, they’d be discipline, determination and desire. I like to learn and explore new things.
I also like the bass sound a lot. I’m influenced by jazz, funk, UK bass, club, street, skate-board and hip hop culture. My sound is a mixture of electronic and acoustic. I always come up with new ideas when I play records, scratch and juggle or when I look for new turntable skills.

It’s best enjoyed during a private party with the volume cranked up high.

How did you first start making music?

When I was a kid, around 11 years old, I started to compose and sing, at a time when I was also playing the drums with my brother. Then when I was 17 I bought my first Roland drum box. At 19, I discovered the world of turntables, and DJ Elephant Power was born. Music fits into my life completely, day in day out.

Is music a full-time thing for you at the moment?

It’s my full-time occupation.

Can you describe the mix in a few words?

The mix is pure DJ Elephant Power: heavy beats, scratches and bass lines, bursting with sense and colour. I recorded it straight just like I would when playing a gig. It’s best enjoyed during a private party with the volume cranked up high.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track on the mix?

I’m happy to present my own new tracks ‘Rising Cloud / Tropic Clap’ released this month on Elephant Power Records.There’s also an exclusive recording from Judith, a famous musician and singer that I met in Kenya back in April. I was there recording tribal singers and percussion players. She was improvising with her instrument ’the nyatiti’. It’s pure human performance, the true spirit of Africa.

When and where did you record it?

I recorded it a couple of days ago, at night in my studio in Brussels. Time stops when I play music there. I can make noise at any time and moment, no matter if it’s raining or if sun is shining. The place is magical and inspiring.

What’s your favourite track on the mix?

It’s ‘indian ghetto blaster’ from Stas. It gives me so many ideas. The oriental groove combined with the bass is just killer.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

To celebrate the end of ‘City Dance’, I’m invited to play at a big outdoor party (comparable to something like the Love Parade) next to the cathedral in Cologne. I will be playing from a truck and it will move from the train station. Also, some remixes and my next EP are a current work in progress.