Moodprint is the collaborative project of 25 year old Leuven residents Alectric (real name Alexander) and Poldoore (real name Thomas). The pair first made their mark on the Belgian electronic scene with the release of their self-titled debut in September 2012. Their latest EP Storyboard (released on Brussels’ tangram records in June 2013) really saw the duo come of age in terms of musical maturity and production prowess whilst also cementing its reputation as craftsmen of the crossover. For the 20th instalment of our exclusive mix series, they draw on everything from slow bass jams and nasty rap verses to grinding grime beats and razor-thin sonic soundscapes to create one hell of a mix. They even managed to squeeze a Jeru track in. Listen to the mix below, and scroll down for a short interview. 

How did Moodprint come about?

A few days after Alectric dropped a Poldoore tune in his session for BunZero’s FOB show, we met and decided to launch a new musical project. Unsure of what exact style we wanted to go out with, we started meeting on a weekly basis to produce music together. A few months later we took all our gear to a house we rented in France and created our first release, The Moodprint EP, which we gave away for free through Bandcamp.

Talk to us about the mix…

It showcases the general mood we try to convey with our music and DJ sets, which is a combination of deep bass music mixed with hiphop and soulful beats. It can be enjoyed in any situation: when chilling out before going to sleep, when having a BBQ with friends or just in your headphones on the bus. The exclusive track is a new untitled tune that we’ve been working on lately in our new studio somewhere in Leuven. It contains a vocal sample of a Shirley Bassey record we bought for a couple of cents at a thrift shop. We’ve been working on a lot of new tracks lately but this one fitted the mood of the mix the best. The mix was recorded in Thomas’ house, in which he moved into just a few weeks ago. It’s a tall 19th century town house located in the centre of Leuven, with a view over the Ladeuzeplein. We mixed the tracks in the living room, which is a large ballroom-style room with high white walls and two fireplaces.

Top three albums of 2013?

1. Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap (excellent combo of his unique voice and deep beats)
2. Oddisee – The Beauty In All (he’s one of our favorite mc’s and his new album is wicked)
3. Charles Bradley – Victim Of Love (because we love some soul once in a while)

What’s next for you in the months to come?

We’re Djing at a couple of nice gigs the following weeks: first there’s the 1 Year Tangram stop in Liege, the week after we’re playing at the final stop in Leuven and the day before at Nijdrop in Opwijk. A few weeks afterwards we’re playing at the massive Les Transardantes Festival in Liege, a gig which we’re really looking forward to!