Faded Weekender’s co-founder Benjamin Beutels

This weekend marks the first edition of Faded Weekender in Antwerp, an indoor hip hop and beats festival with a line-up that reads like a who’s who of rap’s society pages. Co-founded by 25 year old Benjamin Beutels of Inhale record label, the weekend-long headnod fest boasts three stages, with more than eight acts per stage going from emerging yunguns (Flako) and legendary veterans (Dilated Peoples yo) to funkadelic icons (Shabazz Palaces). On the local front, neighbourhood heroes Lefto, STUFF., Woodie Smalls are all scheduled to perform, making this new addition to the country’s ever-growing festival fun one not to miss.


1. STUFF. – Skywalker Album: STUFF (2015), Butteo Butteo.

We’ve seen STUFF. play over a dozen shows the past months on anything from large festivals to intimate club stages and each and every time they blew us away. Skywalker is one of the stand out cuts on the album.

2. Cupp Cave – White Out. Retina Waves (2012) Ramp.

Ramp was one of my favorite labels at that point in time (between 2005 and 2013) so it was really cool to see CUPP CAVE/SSALIVA sign with them for his excellent Retina Waves mini album.

3. Wizards of Ooze – Trippin’. The Dipster (1994) BMG.

I just recently discovered this band (shame on me) but they are probably one of the funkiest things to ever come out of Belgium.

4. Richard Colvaen – Polimetria. Vlek05  (2011), VLEK.

Just like Cupp Cave, Richard Colvaen released Polimetria on the excellent Vlek label. The track has that same gritty feel and sound as the early Lorn releases on Brainfeeder and is by far one of my favorites of the Brussels based label.

5. Saalk, Nag & Yello – De Game. EM III (2011), Eigen Makelij.

Eigen Makelij is as much a collective as a label and has been a driving force in the Flemish hip hop scene the past ten years. Their annual compilations are always on point and this laidback track from EM III by Saalk, Nag (from Nag & Twan) and Yello is one of my all time favorites of the collective.

6. Losco – Scriptina. Free DL, No Label.

These 4 Genk youngsters have been making waves worldwide the last years with support coming in from Flume, Rl Grime and the Soulection gang. Just like most of their tracks this one is aimed straight at the dance-floor.

7. Starflam – La Sonara. Survivant (2001), EMI.

Probably one of the first Belgian (and the same time French) Hip Hop tracks I ever heard. La Sonara is a straight up classic and 14 years after its release it’s still as powerful as when I first listened to it.

8. T99 – Nocturne. Who’s That Beat – 1991.

I recently had the chance to catch a Olivier Abbeloos/T99 dj set a while back and 24 years after releasing those classic rave tunes “Anasthasia” and “Nocture” he’s sets are still on point! 

9. Hiele- Kaneda. Essential Oils (2014), Ekster.

Hiele is definitely one of Belgium’s hottest newcomers in the electronic scene. On his second ep ‘Essential oils’ the sounds leaned more towards the Chicago footwork sound but he definitely put his own twist on it.

10. De Brassers – En Toen Was Er Niets Meer. En Toen Was Er Niets Meer (7”), Bras (1980).

The odd one in the list: De Brassers are a punk band from Hamont Achel (Limburg) and they are awesome. DIY stuff with raw energy.

Faded Weekender 
Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November. 
Trix, Antwerp. 
Tickets available here