When we thought of asking someone for a laidback list full of pop classics, Julie De Drée’s name, rem, popped out pretty quickly. Co-curator of Brussels’ beloved Atelier 210, Julie sent us a list of tracks that are perfect for sing along sessions in the car. Think lovely ballads, poppy anthems and even an ounce of killer Brussels hip hop.

Ghinzu – Blow – Dragoon Records, 2004

This track symbolizes my first real contact with Belgian rock music. Years later, on a trip with friends in Mongolia, that’s the only record we brought along and thus listened to during the whole journey. That makes it a special memory.

Girls in Hawaii – 9.00am – 62tvrecords, 2003

My perfect soundtrack for the weekends I’ve spend in the woods with my friends as a teenager, all cozied up around a bonfire.

Véronique Vincent et Aksak Maboul – Chez les Aborigènes – Crammed disc, Ex-Futur Album, 2014

The record is as old as I am, but I only discovered it years later when it got released.

Teme Tan @ Noza – Amethys – Limite records, 2014

A musical and human crush. His music makes me as happy as his person.

Mountain Bike – Just Good Friends – Humpty Dumpty, 2014, Self-titled

I’ve got a bike you can ride it if you like it’s got a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good…

BRNS – Here dead he lies – Louis records, 2012

Their first EP was absolutely brilliant! It’s great to have seen them bloom over the years, to finally get to that point where they sound how they want to.

Venus – Kallenvsky – Vertigone, 2003, EMI

Another great soundtrack for my teenage years…

Veence Hanao – Manège – Saint-Idesbald – 2009 – selfprod

I don’t listen to hiphop music much but I just fell for this record. It’s a great loss that he doesn’t perform anymore now.

Moaning Cities – Bread and Games, Mottowsoundz, 2014 Pathways through the sail

A fantastic band and group of friends with whom we’ve had the chance to organise the first Stellar Swamp psych festival this year. I can’t wait to renew the experience next year!

Ben & the Saints – When I’m On My Bike (…) – 2014, selfprod

A very nice E.P which has gone almost unnoticed when it got released. It screams ‘summer’ like no other.

Nicolas Michaux – Nouveau départ – 2014

New project from the former Été 67 singer. I’m very impatient about his upcoming first album


Portrait by Mehdi Benkler