Liège-based queer-punk band Cocaine Piss select ten of their favourite Belgian releases for us, going from oddball Walloon dance music and free jazz to hardball hardcore and what is probably one of the most aggressive tracks in the history of our beloved country.

Cocaine Piss will be performing a live concert at Wiels on 11th September to celebrate the release of our September-October edition. Join the Facebook event here for more information. 

1. Answer Unknow by Vandal X (Instant Dislike 2007 – Vlos Vegas Records)

Vandal X is one of the first belgian noise/punk band I listened to in the late 90’s and they just blew my mind. They released 7 albums since 1997 and did some collaboration with Steve Albini among others. (Julien)

2. Onward to Destruction by Reproach (2011 – Deep Six Records)

One of the best Belgian punk bands. This song is awesome, and so is the video. It perfectly reflects the attitude of their shows. Destruction at its very best. (Mathias)

3. Plagued by VVOVNDS (2012 Demo – Self released)

Lovely guys from Kortrijk/Antwerp who make some disturbingly negative hardcore. (Aurélie)

4. Nameless Old Bones by Daggers (Self Titled 2008 – I For Us Records)

It’s a bit hard to describe your feelings about something so personal. In a few words, I knew these guys by sight, we grew up in the same area. They all had bands at the time and I started to follow them, going to their shows… When the first Daggers’ EP (recorded and mixed by Ben Phillips in Gillingham) was out, I remember I was really impressed by their tracks, sounds and the kind of energy emanating from them. Since then, some of those guys have become my best friends, we even play music together now. <3 Life is magic! (Julien)

5. Eddy Merckx by Sttellla (Il faut tourner l’apache 1998 – Boucherie Production)

Sttellla, alias Jean-Luc Fonck, spent his childhood in Arlon just like me. I remember seeing him at one of the first show I’ve ever gone to. So yeah, when I was a kid I thought “This guy is from Arlon? He’s doing crazy shit and everyone knows him in Belgium? I want to be like him!!” Haha. Obviously, this song is sick! (Julien)

6. Free Session by L’Oeil Kollectif (2013 – L’Oeil Kollectif Records)

One of my favourite free jazz collectives from Liège. They are always on the lookout for new sounds and new spaces to create ephemeral songs. Their live sessions are mostly totally improvised. They’re brilliant. (Yannick)

7. Batumambe by Combo Belge (1985 – Igloo Records)

This is the first track I thought about when I started this list. I remember having this song stuck in my head for days as a child because my father really enjoyed watching Striptease. I had absolutely no interest in the content of the show at the time, but I liked the theme song so much. In my opinion, this is our actual national anthem. (Mathias)

8. Disastrous Luxury Result by Hiatus (1995 – Ataque Sonoro Records)

Our crust daddies. (Aurélie)

9. Bxhell by Sunpower (2008 Pain for Profit – Rock’n’Roll Radio Records / Still Holding On Records / Holy Shit! Records)

One of these few bands you really have to see playing. There’s no way you can get that kind of energy without directly witnessing it. (Mathias)

10. Brutal Death by Cheap Drugs (2014 Angst – Hardware Records)

Our boss’s band, he and his wife Lidia actually helped us release our first tapes. To come back to the band and this song in particular, it’s the grooviest beat from Cheap Drugs and also the only moment in the set for the audience to take a breather. (Yannick)