Èlg’s 15 favourite Belgian releases

French-born Èlg traded his native country for Brussels in 2009, throwing himself into producing music full-time. Released on the Egyptian imprint Nashazphone his latest album “Mauve Zone” includes respected guests such as Sublime Frequencies’ Alan Bishop and, as usual, amazes with a unique blend of puzzling structures, harsh electronics, skin and bones folk and outer-world lullaby. Discovering Èlg’s music may be a bit frightening at first but proves to be a unique and rewarding sonic experience in the end.
Clearly boasting a solid background in a myriad of musical influences, we asked him to select his favourite Belgian tracks for us, in which he proves himself a bonafide connoisseur of the local music scene. There’s even a hint of patriotism, with no less than four different versions of La Brabançonne.

1 – Human Flesh – Second Day (Life in Reverse / Meditation in Fears – cassette – Insane Music – 1989)

A must have.Timeless, haunted, delicate, shivering. It’s a whole proper language.

2 – Ignatz – Certainty – (Can I go home now ? – CD – Fonal – 2013)

Ignatz guitar sound… you can recognize it in…. less than one second? His use of cassette recording is wonderfully poetic and dusty. Bram doesn’t need to speak so much but when he takes his guitar, suddenly a canon of flowers starts to shoot everywhere…

3 – Le Grand Jojo – Patrouille de Nuit (On a l’béguin / Patrouille de Nuit – Vogue – 7″ – 1978)

Le grand Jojo needs no introduction. There was a time when music labels had countless money to hire and record a gigantic orchestral unit and then stick to it the lyrics below!
Minuit, toute la ville dort
Seule une voiture circule
C’est la voiture 27
La patrouille de nuit
Soudain un appel, très important
« Centrale appelle voiture 27
prière de nous apporter
Un sandwich au jambon
Deux pistolets américains
Deux sandwichs au fromage
Un pistolet au pâté
Deux boudins noirs et trois sachets de frites… »

4 – Benjamin Franklyn – Loupiotes ( La pente / Loupiotes – Lexi Disques – 7″ – 2008)

A classic from Lexi Disques. The perfect unknown russian cartoon end credits.

5 – Miaux – Aeronaut (7″ – Ultra Eczema – 2013)

You need to sleep and make sweet dreams ? You don’t want any monsters or three tongues old grandmas running after you with a knife ? This track is made for you.

6 – La Brabançonne – Guitar Version

Homemade chilled out guitar Brabançonne version. Jimi van der Hendrix.

7 – Innercity – Motel Prince – (A Minor Prince – cassette – Slow Tapes – 2012)

Innercity is a total dream maker. His music is very unique. It totally fits with his moniker. Inner-City. A strong and tentacular world from the inside.

8 – MS30 – Ndar (Idiosyncratics Netlabel – 2011)

Ms30 is the meeting of Aymeric de Tapol and Tzii. It’s very martial but also totally contained. Strongly hypnotic.

9 – Pizza noise mafia – Noise Mafia (I Canti Della malavita – LP – Slaaploss – 2015)

4 AM drug ascension in a bath of sweat. It smells like Gainsbourg’s armpits in the related video.

10 – La Brabançonne par Clara

La Brabançonne by Clara, (5 years old I suppose). Rough version, direct.

11 – Phil maggi – Apocalypses (Motherland – LP – Idiopsyncratics Records – 2015)

Excellent album from this Liège composer. Shiny black light style. Complex, liquid, dark and sensual.

12 – Singularity – Crystal Liquid (Material Releases its energy – LP -Activities Records – 2014)

Raoul Borges aka Singularity is a well-know Techno and Funk DJ in the Brusselians white nights. Here is his first full-length album on Activities Records.

13 – Koningsfeest – Helmut Lotti zingt de Brabançonne

Not the most DIY version of la Brabançonne…

14 – Matthieu Serruys – Interlacing Rivers and Plains (On Germaine Dulac – LP – B.A.A.D.M – 2014)

I think everything is said in the track title.

15 – Pol Closset and Dixieland Gamblers – La Brabançonne

A dixieland version of la Brabançonne from the seventies. That swings.



Èlg LP “Mauve Zone” is to be released beginning of July 2016 on Hicham Chadly excellent egyptian label Nashazphone.

Picture: ©Jonas Chéreau