Meteor Musik’s 11 favourite Belgian releases

To mark the release of Asteriu, their debut album, as well as their appearance tonight on our weekly radio show (every Monday from 21h to 22h on FM Brussel), we asked Meteor Musik –  side-project to that ever elusive, synth-wileding supergroup Chrome Brulée – to handpick and tell us about their favourite Belgian releases. And, with two of the outfit’s members enthusiastic record collectors, their selection ranges from holy grail library records to obscure soundtracks, cosmic funk classics and just plain weird ass stuff. Just the way we like it.

1 – Alain Pierre – Jan zonder vrees (BRT – 1986), selected by Micha

Epic intro to an epic animated film, the hardcore medieval Flemish-ness is so present! The man in charge of the animation used to be my teacher when studying Animation at RITS.

2 – Title – Sometimes (Cosmonostro – 2015), selected by Micha

Just a normal badass fresh beat from the talented Toon Janssens. Just buy this man’s stuff on bandcamp and move on.

3 – Laser Squirt – Glowy Hole (Unreleased – 2014), selected by Micha

A new great track from these local heroes, love the trashy sound and Japanese video.

4 – Yvan Guilini – Space 2000 (International Bestseller Company – 1978), selected by Micha

Bought this in a thrift store when I was 15 years old. Lovely cosmic disco with a crazy lead synth.

5 – The Rott Childs – We were sleeping (House Rott Child records – 2014), selected by Micha

The misunderstood autistic children of Belgium music. A genial and unpredictable gang with no business plan whatsoever, always searching for the most irrational solutions.

6 – Trans volta – Disco Computer (Pinaccle records – 1978), selected by Tim

You can’t get around Telex and co. and this is just one of the many side projects of Dan Lacksman. In this track the robotic voice is the key element. Perfect, because I’m in love with vocoders…

7 – Twilight Ritual – Webb-man (Micrart – 1982), selected by Tim

I used to play this a lot. It has a dark, industrial feel to it. Fat 808 beats and haunting synths. I forgot about this track. Recently Chrome Brulée gigged at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels and backstage I met a few guys also playing that night.. Turned out to be Twilight Ritual. Cool guys!

8 – Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Computer graphic (Coloursound Library – 1981), selected by Tim

He did a lot of things. It was hard to pick just one… But I like his compositions and the way he combines electronic instruments with acoustic instruments. He started of as a flutist.

9 – André & Leslie – Stress (Locomotiv Music / Kasset records (1971 / 2014), selected by Tim

This is a bit of a strange project from André Brasseur. It has a cosmic disco feel to it, lot’s of fat synthesizers and a sad vibe.. My friends from KASSET records did a reissue of this 12″ last year.

10 – Jacques Siroul – Daddy (Selection Records – 1976), selected by Tim

A friend introduced me to the world of Jacques Siroul. I’m really into library music and I like most of his work. He did some nice discrete tracks as well as some bad ass synthesizer killers.

Bonus (No youtube link)

Dijf Sanders – Retired Sportswatch

A real nice slice of genuine next level Belgian exotica . Re-visioning Les Baxter in a post modern scrapyard full of electronics.