Brussels-based producer samuelspaniel’s 10 favourite Belgian releases

The recent launch of Midlife Music, a collaborative digital imprint by Antwerp-based producer Kassett and his Brussels counterpart samuelspaniel came as no surprise to those who have been following the two ambient producers’ early beginnings. Sharing a common taste for etheral ambiance, off beat music and post-internet imagery, a collaboration only seemed logical. Having recently released samuelspaniel’s excellent EP “Farniente”, we couldn’t think of a better time to publish the producer’s selection of favourite Belgian releases.

1. Salted Slugs – Nightwash (Sewer Goo – 2011- Surf Kill)

This track is the result of a collab between Cupp Cave and Dynooo. Kind of danceable masterpiece. RIP !

2. Dick Annegarn – Le Grand Diner (Sacré Géranium – 1974 – Polydor)

This song makes me thinking about my father. I listened to it when I was child. I really appreciate his freestyle way of singing. Actually he isn’t really belgian…

3. Orphan Fairytale – Glorious High (Ladybird Labyrinth – 2009 – Ultra Eczema)

I like this weird and repetitive ambient track. I saw a short concert of her last year and really enjoyed it. I haven’t finished to explore all of her several releases.

4. Dynooo – 08 (Mesh N2 Air – 2013 – Astro:Dynamics)

I like this wonderful composition. So emotional. He is the ultimate avant-garde artist according to me.

5. Le Colisée – Les Dieux Fous (Vie Eternel – 2015 – ?)

Cool young band making fresh and airy music. This one is a beautiful quiet song out of their last EP.

6. Kassett – B.188 (Platinum – 2015 – DRLR)

He is the guy behind DRLR Records. We met last year and we’re now good friend. It’s one of my favorite track of his album.
*Editors’ note – This feature was recorded a few months ago. Since then, DRLR is dead (RIP) and Kassett and samuelspaniel have set up joint imprint Midlife Music.

7. Ssaliva – EZA (Sync Thrills – 2012 – Vlek)

I discovered his music with his first LP under the name of Cupp Cave. He is definitely one my biggest influence. I feel this track as a type of endless insomnia.

8. Veence Hanao – Mickey Mouse (Loweina Laurae – 2011 – ?)

I remember hearing this song in concert for the first time. I was so overwhelmed by the lyrics.

9. Wim Mertens – Darpa – Strategie de la Rupture – 1991 – Les Disques du Crépuscules

I’m not especially a big fan of his music but I remember listening to this CD in the car when I was a teenager. His high-pitched voice on this song is so crazy.

10. Different Fountains – Muybridge (Shrimp That Sleeps – 2014 – Meakusma)

I saw them play last year at Beursschouwburg. It was dark and intense. I like the blurry atmosphere on this track.