Favourite Belgian Releases: 15 Hush Hefner gems

In a series built in collaboration with gin imprint Bulldog to get a better understanding of the Belgian oh-so-special nightlife, we met six of the country’s proeminent figures – Horst’s Jochem Daelman, Deep in House’s Tom Raoul, Hush Hush’s Hush Hefner, Crevette Records’ Pim Thomas and Studio Brussel’s Charlotte de Witte. Now that we know a little more about it (if you still don’t, have a look herehere or here), it’s time to dig into the Belgian musical heritage: Hush Hush and KleinHouse parties’ resident DJ and promoter Hush Hefner introduced us to the Belgian tracks that hold a special place in his heart.

1. Telex – Moscow Diskow

The ultimate Belgian dance classic, in my honest opinion. Such an amazing groove, it’s impossible not to dance to…

2. Soulwax – Krack (Nite Version)

This track has “Soulwax Post Nite Versions” written all over it: a slow and teasingly long intro, but what a climax. They still play this in their new live shows with three drummers, simply sending the crowd off.

3. 2 Belgen – Lena

So cheesy, but so good!

4. Kiani & His Legion present Far Out Radio Systems – Darwin

Track by a young producer from Genk called Thomas Neyens. The energy of this track is just off the charts.

5. Poldoore – The Game You’re Playing

Another track by a young Belgian producer, hailing for Leuven this time. All of his tracks just breath funk and sunshine. Big fan!

6. Plastic Bertrand – Tout petit la planète

My favourite track from one of my all-time favourite Belgian producers…

7. Marc Moulin – Into the Dark

I can’t remember exactly how I came across this song, but I do know I was obsessed with at the age of 15 – and I still am. It’s got blues, a hint of jazz, house,… Everything I love really.

8. Nacht und Nebel – Beats of Love

I discovered this song when I needed to write a report on the Felix Van Groeningen movie Steve + Sky (soundtrack courtesy of the Dewaele Brothers). The movie has stuck with me for a long time, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of this track.

9. Starflam – La Sonora

Pretty safe to say I became interested in hip-hop thanks to this track, hearing it on the radio at age 13. Can never get tired of it.

10. Balthazar – Bunker

I actually like all of Balthazar’s discography – but Bunker has a very, very cool video-clip ;)

11. Goose – Synrise

Huge anthem by one of the best Belgian electronic bands of the last decade. Their live shows are ever so good.

12. Red Zebra – I Can’t Live in a Living Room

One of the anthems from my budding years when I was obsessed with punk-rock. I’ve grown out of it since then, but still listen to Red Zebra from time to time…

13. J Bernardt – Wicked Streets

J Bernardt’s Running Days is definitely one the best Belgian albums to have come out in 2017. If you listen to Wicked Streets, you’ll understand why…

14. Magnus – Summer’s Here

Another track which I discovered thanks to the movie Any Way the Wind Blows, by Tom Barman. I watched this movie at 16 years old, and it really got under my skin. It adds an extra dimension to the track – which by itself is already pretty great.

15. Oscar and the Wolf – The Game

It’s hard to pick just one track by Oscar and the Wolf, because most of them are pretty damn good. I’ve gone for The Game because when they played it at Pukkelpop last year (the very last headliners of the festival), it really got to me even though I hadn’t heard it before. It was released a few weeks after that show, and listening to it takes me back to Pukkelpop.