Ghent-based producers Asa Moto handpick 10 essential Belgian stompers

Ghent-based producers, DJs and The Word Radio resident hosts Asa Moto select their 10 essential Belgian bangers, ranging from Allez Allez and The Weathermen to Dan Lacksman and an absolute classic by Lavvi Ebbel. Listen back to their monthly sessions here, and make sure to tune into to their next round this Friday.

Allez Allez – African Queen (1981)

A great hommage to Grace Jones by one of the coolest Belgian bands of the 80s.

Jo Lemaire – Je suis venue te dire m’en vous (1979)

C L A S S I C.

Lavvi Ebbel – Give Me A Gun (1981)

Only discovered this a couple of months ago – what a video!

The Weathermen – Poison (1987)

Something your dad might have danced to at Boccaccio.

De Buffalo’s – De Gantoise (1979)

In this list for obvious reasons…

Arbeid Adelt! – In Het Gemeentehuis (1983) *No link

We could have picked any song by Arbeid Adelt!, but the live crunchyness makes this one of our favourites.

Snowy Red – Nowhere (1982)

One of the greatest Belpop artists of the 80s who passed away too soon.

Rene Costy – Ostinato Bass (1977)

Super funky library jam!

Electronic System – Skylab (1974)

14 minutes of awesomeness by one of Belgium’s greatest.

Cesar Franck – Violin Sonata (performed by Oistrakh & Richter)

Finishing our list on a classical note, arguably the greatest violin sonata ever written.