Mauro Antonio Pawlowski’s 10 Belgian deep cuts for Deep in the Woods

Sonic chief Mauro Antonio Pawlowski (1971) has always had his finger on the Belgium’s contemporary musical pulse: from his early years as a New Wave afficionado in Koersel – fan of The Neon Judgement, Front 242, La Muerte and The Scabs, just to name a few – to his humble beginnings in the much-acclaimed indie outfit Evil Superstars, to making his mark on Antwerp’s local scene. Think dEUS, Ultima Vez, Club Moral – and the list goes on. To add to his hefty list of accomplishments, the multi-talented showman is now also Deep in the Woods‘ resident artist; which will include singing with Koninklijke Fanfare Kempenzonen, recording a fancy solo-pop record, compiling hours of unreleased recordings and making more new music. God bless.

1. The Bloody Violation of Mickey Mouse’s Virginity on 59th St. – Bedtime For Bonzo (The Ultimate Refreshment, 1984, Teraswing)

Bedtime For Bonzo once asked me to join them during a short reunion in the 90’s. Most insane band I’ve ever played with. Deranged music by fantastic characters.

2. You – Scooter (You 7″, 1981, Ariola)

I’m a big fan of vintage power-pop. Curly-haired rockers with jerky moves delivering great pop hooks, it always gets me in a good mood. I also love the strange lyrics on this one.

3. ‘k Zou zo gere wille leve – Fred Van Hove & Cel Overberghe (Fred Van Hove & Cel Overberghe Met Strijkers, 1977, Kamikaze)

Free music royalty with strings. Starts off like the countryside bike ride pictured on the sleeve, then suddenly shoots off to galaxies unknown. Genius.

4. Hold-Up Sentimental – Bergman & Vanhouten (Hold-Up Sentimental, 1983, RKM)

Sleazy downer disco by the unrivaled Lou Deprijck. Sold millions with party anthems for the common man, and got covered by Sonic Youth. I cannot but respect that.

5. Komposition N. 7 – Karel Goeyvaerts (The Serial Works, 1998, Megadisc Classics)

The best Belgian composer ever in my humble opinion, and still very underestimated. Could also make electronic music sound as natural as a warthog’s sneeze. Now that’s art.

6. Acid – Acid (Acid, 1983, Giant Records)

Headbanger folk music by and for the denim-clad out-of-towner. Cheap studio magic, witchy vocals, local-longhairs-on-speed vibe and just a lot of fun. What’s not to like?

7. Putain Putain – TC Matic (Choco, 1983, EMI)

Arguably from the best Belgian record ever. They had it all: the francophone funk, the edgy glamour, the abstract bathroom singer. Forever incredible.

8. Liefste, Ik Heb Aids – Marco Reynders (Liefste, Ik Heb Aids 7″, Scorpion)

I can never get used to this piece of misery porn: guy goes to study in some big city. Gets AIDS. Sort of explains to his girlfriend. Lots of questions. Lots of cringing.

9. Demon Days – Kabul Golf Club (Le Bal Du Rat Mort, 2012, Uproar For Veneration)

Florent Pevée (R.I.P) was the most absolutely exciting, upcoming musician when he made this accidental cross between RATM and Arab on Radar. Fuck you, fate.

10. Eating Limbs – Club Moral (To All Who Are Interested…, 1989, Cthulhu Records)

World-class artists in their own right. Transcending all noise and industrial expectations. Make many other contenders sound more like “Chewing Carrots”.