Out The Frame lays down 10 Belgian bangers

All Eyes On Hip Hop’s Willem Vandesande and Vooruit’s Wouter Vanhaelemeesch started working together exactly one year ago when a cup of coffee and a casual conversation quickly got out of hand and led to Out The Frame; a brand new indoor hip-hop festival taking place this Saturday. Hoogstraten native Vandesande started organising shows and parties from 2005 under the moniker All Eyes On Hip Hop. Currently based in Ghent, he’s built his brand into a nightlife stronghold and has been curating stages all over Belgium. On the flip side, fresh out of art school, Ostend’s Vanhaelemeesch started putting on shows around that same period in the small world of noise and experimental music, eventually becoming Vooruit’s music curator four years ago. Out The Frame is a hybrid of Vandesande and Vanhaelemeesch’s eclectic tastes and preferences: with a focus on underground artists who make radically unique music, deeply rooted in hip hop culture yet defies easy categorisation. The first edition features a mix of cult favorites and new up-and-comers like GAIKA, Open Mike Eagle, Junglepussy, STIKSTOF, Moor Mother, WWWater, Ivan Ave, Flohio, milo, NAH, Strange U and Chynna.

Out The Frame is on this Saturday 10th at Vooruit. Don’t sleep.

TG Gondard – Northern Part of the City at Night (2012)

Had this track on my phone, and would listen to it during long train rides through snowy Flemish hellscapes back when I was still commuting. Love TG Gondard‘s mix of melancholy raps over misty lo-fi beats – I associate it with cold mornings, hot coffee in plastic cups and pacing around the train station. Play it full blast through your headphones.

Dynooo – Tranch (2010)

Born in Aalst and now London-based, DYNOOO initially came from a hip-hop background before turning to more experimental beats à la Hudson Mohawke. Dope stuff!

Nkisi – Dark Times (2017)

Nkisi‘s probably one of the most interesting Belgian artists in electronic music I can think off right now. Co-founder of the NON Worldwide label-cum-collective and also a resident of Vooruit since last year, she constantly delivers super dark stuff with teasing, deconstructed beats and hypnotic synth lines swirling around them.

Krewcial ft. Tanya Saw – Reminisce (2004)

Belgian artists like TheColorGrey, Darrell Cole and blackwave. should all salute this guy. He released two exquisite anglophone hip-hop albums around 2000 with a very soulful touch. This is one of my favourite tracks!

Bear Bones, Lay Low – Hazy Frog (2012)

Kraak is one of my favourite Belgian labels, and Ernesto Gonzales is responsible for this catchy, little banger. Plus, great video visuals courtesy of his sister Gabriela.

BEAT DRUNX – Drunken Master Strikes Back (2010)

An Aalst and Turnhout based hip-hop crew from a few years back. No longer operational, but it did evolve into the equally appreciated Moontroop. Reminds me of the parties we used to throw at the Quartier club near Sint-Veerleplein in Ghent.

Orphan Fairytale – Happy Go Lucky (2009)

Orphan Fairytale‘s trademark loopy weirdo electronics that happily swirl around your head all day. Another Ultra Eczema gem that still manages to find its way to my turntable quite often.

Placebo – Balek (1973)

Everybody in Belgium knows this record by now, thanks to the re-release a few years ago.

Zap Mama ft. Erykah Badu – Bandy Bandy (2004)

I’m a big fan of anything soulful. Badu is my favourite female artist of all time, and to see her feature on a Belgian artist’s track is truly amazing! Both of their vibes fit perfectly well on this track.

Zazou, Bikaye & Cy1 – Lamuka (1983)

I was happy as a pig discovering extra dirt in his pool of mud when this got re-issued. Crammed is one of the best Belgian labels ever, and this record of deconstructed African rhythms and electronic sounds is as dope as it gets.