The Perrier Playlist: 25 necessary Belgian electronic tracks

For part four of our series on essential Belgian cuts made in collaboration with Perrier – following on from hip hop, funky jazz, and prog-rock – we’ve planned a trip around Belgium’s contemporary electro scene, picking up some of the most recent releases from all the different genre corners along the way. And (without realising it), there’s plenty of suggestive hints to hot sticky summer nights and the art of sun-bathing. You’re welcome.


This B-side from Sagat smells of the UK, and those nights which never seem to end.

Innershades – Dexter (87′ Mix)

Innershades went ravey on this one. We wonder how the kids in the video ended up though – if you’re one of them, feel free to send us a message.

Joy Wellboy – Lay Down Your Blade (DC Salas Secret Weapon Remix)

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last three months, there’s a good chance you already know all about our boy DC Salas. So we got you his secret weapon: a feel good track if there ever was one.

Hiele – Kaneda

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. Like, for real.

Kassett – Traces To Nowhere

A crisp illustration of Kassett’s many talents, full of Kim Hiortoy-esque beats and all.

Plapla Pinky – BWV

In case you’re planning to watch the sun rise on a beach sometime this summer, we’ve got your soundtrack covered with this one.

Mittland Och Leo – Heat Wave II

The title’s pretty self explanatory, no?

Lawrence Le Doux – Pollution

Wouldn’t be right to make an electronic playlist and not include Pollution in the list: an unforgettable melody with just the right amount of congas.

An Ultimate DJ – Sondages

Summer’s probably not the most appropriate time to bring up politics, but we can never get enough of this track.

Lost SoundBytes – Back to the HellNess

We’re not entirely sure if psychedelic industrial is a thing – but if it is, this one would definitely apply.

Different Fountains – That Snake

An impressive, ten-minute long spiritual trip courtesy of the Bolivian-Austrian duo. Wakes up your inner shikari.

Cleveland – Shine

Naturally released under Talabot’s Hivern Discs, Cleveland found the ideal balance between groove and disco to keep you on the dance floor all night long.

Empty Taxi – Eskimo

Cool and collected – the perfect remedy for when the summer sun’s becoming a bit too much to handle.

Aymeric De Tapol – J’ai dansé avec elle

This one’s ideal for sleeping under the stars.

Elmer – Simple Models

A release by Bepotel’s Sagat and Walrus on Amsterdam’s Taped Artifact. Moody, broody and full of kick.

Baleine 3000 – Heroica (Ambiant mix)

Lay back and unwind to the relaxing beat of tablas courtesy of the Eurasian trio – pure bliss.

Ssaliva – sliver

Having to pick only one of Ssaliva’s tracks is quite the task, but the eerie reverb of this bare-boned track ticks all the right boxes.

Sendai – 002 Archiefkwestie

If ever you’ve had enough of the heat wave, this one’s definitely going to help.

Charlotte Adigéry – Senegal Seduction

A dreamy, longing synth-pop melody complimented by Adigéry aka WWWATER’s sublime vocals. Very Twin Peaks.

Nkisi – Parched Lips

Hard, vibrant, and straight to the point – NON Worldwide’s Nkisi is here to take you hostage with this infectious gabber-esque track.

Fausto – Burnel (Aidons Antoine Remix)

The original Fausto track is already a lo-fi house gem, but Aidons Antoine adds a little tropical vibe with his remix that quenches our very real thirst for pools and palm trees.

Vitesse – Sorry Adriaan

The B-side to Crevette Records’ very first release: a fun, fresh and flirty take on contemporary Flemish disco. We know – but trust us, it just works.

Front De Cadeaux – Bosphorus Hippies (Rodion’s 33RPM +4% F2C Edit)

You’re bound to have come across Word-favourite Front De Cadeaux if you’re familiar with the magazine, so we dug the internet for this fabulously slow version courtesy of their long time friend Rodion.

Simon Hold – Maqam Bruxelloise

A very recent release by Vlek, a Tallava-esque track courtesy of Simon Hold.

Dolphins Into the Future – Ke Ala Ke Kua

This one is for those of you who won’t be taking a holiday this summer. Enjoy the trip.