Tangram Records selects 10 favourite Belgian releases

Leuven-based Tangram Records – founded by Up High Collective and Mophito and home to Moodprint, Le Motel, YellowStraps, LTGL as well as many other countless Belgian electronic music maestros – celebrate their third anniversary this year. And, as is customary now, the label has been taking to the road with a series of label showcases in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands, the next editions of which takes place in Rotterdam (BAR on 12th December), Brussels (AB on 19th December) and Amsterdam (SugarFactory on 20th December). To mark the occasion, they’ve selected 10 of their favourite Belgian releases for us, with close to each of the musicians on their roaster contributing a pick.

1. Placebo – Showbiz Suite (1971, CBS)
To me, the album ‘Ball of Eyes’ helped put Belgium on the music-map. It contains a lot of great tracks but if I had to choose one I’m going for the atmosperic ‘Showbizz Suite’. (Moodprint)

2. Outlander – Vamp (1991, R&S Records)
This is one of the most timeless tracks I know. Still as dance-floor efficient now as it was when it came out, the same year when I was born. (Le Motel)

3. De Puta Madre – Une Ball Dans La Tête (1995, 9mm Recordz)
An important influence, brings back memories of my youth, and triggers me into tagging, dj-ing, and buying records. (Dzia)

4. Cupp Cave – Hamsterdam (2008, Thin Consolation)
Definitely one of the better beat tapes that emerged out the Belgium beat scene anno 2008, wonky and raw that’s how we like it. (Up High Collective)

5. Koen De Bruyne – Here Comes The Crazy Man (1974, Vogue)
Koen De Bruyne was a jazz keyboardist from Belgium. He was a prominent studio musician, but with his own album ‘Here Comes The Crazy Man!’ from 1974 he proves to be more than just that. This record is a funky fusion with an exceptional sound. (Wøti)

6. Pyrmdplaza x AbrahamBlue – Whatever You Want (2015, cdr)
His voice is sick and the production really fits the vibe. It’s a blend of lots of musical genres that we like. We really love this guy because he is young and very kind. Definitely an artist to watch! (YellowStraps)

7. René Costy – Ostinato Bass (1977, Editions Montparnasse 2000)
Completely in love with this track ‘Ostinato Bass’ that, to me, has one of the grooviest baselines to ever come out of Belgium. (Mophito)

8.Oddlaner – Upsterdup (2010, On Point)
Layers of sound as complex as our little country, but in such a harmony. (DIA)

9.Wizards of Ooze – Trippin’ (1994, Backbone Records)
If GTA was real life, this song would start playing as soon as I get into a car and start driving. (Faisal / Blatan)

10.Front 242 – Headhunter (1988, Wax Trax! Records)
These guys should be part of any list of influential Belgian artists. They left their mark on genres like New Beat and Techno, even before these genres were born. They prove that even though Belgium is such a small country, we’re still able to leave our stamp on history. It might even put us in a great position to push the limits of what’s possible audio- and visual-wise. (Sir-5)

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