When one of our favourite Brussels DJ’s (Walrus) teams up with a great voice (Ciska) to release a record on local heroes Holger Tracks’ new imprint, there’s not a lot that can go wrong.  Meet Bright Entity, an electronica duo that seems to have come straight out of one of those popular 80’s beach wallpapers. A little retro, a little cheesy, but oh-so-fucking-lovely.

We have three gorgeous vinyls (yes, actual, physical records) of Bright Entity’s debut EP to giveaway to the first three readers to email wewrite@thewordmagazine.com with a selfie and a smile.


A word about your name

Our name consists of two words. I looked everywhere for the list of names that didn’t make it, but unfortunately couldn’t find it. It’s funny, ’cause they all had two words in them. I guess that is subconsciously important about our name.

A word about your music


A word about your hometown, your scene


The hardest thing about getting this release out?

To match our agenda with the label and our producer.

A habit you had during recording this release?

Lot’s of talking about old synthesizers and lots of drinking coffee.

A beginner’s mistake you made whilst preparing this release?

Trying to “find” our sound.

The first track to which you completely lost it

‘A Light’. We recorded it during a rehearsal so we wouldn’t forget what we did. Surprisingly, we really liked this lo-fi, ‘je m’en fous’-recording and struggled really hard to reproduce something that sounded alike in the studio. In the end we kept the original recording and used it as a reference for the mix of the other tracks.

What “making it” means to you?

To keep on working.

What first experience you’d like to re-live

A sunday evening, panoramic view, 20 people, playing our very first concert behind a silver screen on the 19th floor of a flat, overlooking Brussels.

The first band t-shirt you ever got

Jimi Hendrix

Your favourite debut by another band?

Peaking Lights – 936
Ricardo Villalobos – Alcachofa

What your parents think about your music?

They absolutely love it.

Where are you going to next?

We’ll be releasing an instrumental tape, and we’ll record a second EP. Playing a lot of live gigs is definitely our plan. Holler if you’re interested!

A band we should be keeping an eye out for: