First things first: Hypochristmutreefuzz (with free download)

In the first of a new series on Belgian bands’ debut releases, we discuss and dissect the trials and tribulations the country’s emerging musicians face when taking their first steps towards world-domination. Here, unpronounceable but nonetheless excellent Ghent-based noise-rock outfit Hypochristmutreefuzz talks eating honey as recording ritual, where you can get an actual, physical copy of their self-titled debut EP and how they brainwashed their parents into listening to their music.

We have 10 free download codes of Hypochristmutreefuzz’s debut EP to giveaway to the first 10 readers to email with a selfie of themselves and a smile.

Hypo 4 copy

A word about your name

Hypochristmutreefuzz is actually an avant garde jazz composition by Misha Mengelberg. As a matter of fact we don’t even know for sure how to pronounce this. We believe it comes from the contraction of the words hypocrite, christian, christmas tree and some extra fuzz on top of it. (Ok, I was trying to impress you, to be honest I don’t think anybody knows what it means anymore. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago.)

A word about your music

I think our name already explains a lot about our music, I love chaos. But I also like to dance, to get in trance because of the music, maybe that’s why almost every song contains basically one rhythm or bass line.

A word about your hometown, your scene

Ghent is a great hometown, people really come out to check new music, they talk to each other, music is very alive here. Bands like Mind Rays, Onmens, Ping Pong Tactics – to name a few – really spice things up over here.

The hardest thing about getting this release out?

Money, otherwise we would have also released it on vinyl. Sadly enough that isn’t the case right now. But sit tight, our first full-length will be out on vinyl.

A habit you had during recording this release?

We ate a lot of honey, to make everything a little sweeter. However, it is sticky and if you eat too much of it, it leaves you with a sour taste, maybe even heartburn.

A beginner’s mistake you made whilst preparing this release?

Playing shakers and singing at the same time through the same mic.


The first track to which you completely lost it

Belly Ache was to become a boring jamlike song with nothing in it and no development. Although nothing really changed that much, by playing it more and more everyone found his place and nowadays we actually prefer that song over others.

What “making it” means to you?

For me Liars is a comtemporary band I really look up to. They come and go travelling the world with their ever-changing music and their fans dig it. Also Pere Ubu is an inspiring example, they never “made” it, but If you’ve influenced a band as big as the Pixies, I guess you did make it.

What first experience you’d like to re-live

The first burp caused by my first beer.

The first band tshirt you ever got

I saw a picture of myself as a little child on the beach wearing a little T-Shirt saying “BOWIE”.

Your favourite debut by another band?

That’s a difficult one. To make it easier I’ll choose some debuts that I can recall being released at the time. I was instantly in love with Gorillaz, Oracular Spectacular (MGMT), Elf Shot Lame Witch (The Germans), Love Remains (How To Dress Well), Forever Dolphin Love (Connan Mockasin), Applause (Balthazar), Eagulls… Quite an eclectic mix.

What your parents think about your music?

My mom is still trying to like it. My dad has a mixtape in his car containing all demos and the last release. I believe I brainwashed him.

Where you’re going to next?

Playing some nice gigs. And preparing a full length album (finally, can’t wait).

A band we should be keeping an eye out for

Teen Creeps… Ok that’s really lame ‘cause I play the drums in that band. But still, check Teen Creeps! You should always keep an eye out for The Germans (the band, not the people), they released their fourth album on the same label (FONS).

What question should we have asked you that we did not?

How people can get a physical copy of our EP. And the answer is: “Come to our shows!” (or mail us)

Listen to the band’s debut EP over on their Bandcamp page.