First things first: rapper K1D (with free download)

Rapper K1D hails from Sint Niklaas, a mid-sized city in East Flanders known more for its fledging football team than its budding rapping scene. That hasn’t tamed the up-and-coming rapper’s resolve to go against the grain and hit it big though, a fact that shines through in this yungun’s debut EP, a mix between kush-coated gangsta rap, honey-laced R&B ballads and bass-heavy club bangers. In the second instalment of our ‘First things first’ series, the rapper-on-the-rise opens up about hometown heroes, mistakes made and hiding tracks from mum.


A word about your name.

My name is “K1D” (pronounced: KID). I replaced the “I” in the middle with a “1” – it’s a little word play. The number in the middle symbolizes there being only one K1D. Before that name i used to go by Kid Ice. That one was a name handed to me by the homies for a reason I can’t recall. I still get called Ice by my Day-one’s.

A word about your music.

I’ve been into music since the age of 14 but the first time I actually recorded I was 18 and that was at a friends home-made studio, which was basically a laptop and mic, not no fancy material. That period is when I really started getting in touch with the music and knew this was what I wanted to do with my life.

A word about your hometown, your scene.

I come from St. Niklaas situated exactly between Antwerp and Ghent. I’ve been living here since I was two years old. The music scene in my city is probably not that well-known yet and I blame that on the fact that we haven’t put out any product yet until recently. But everybody that make music in my city knows each other on a personal note and we all meet up in the studio to talk about ideas and concepts too lift the whole scene up in general. I believe my city is one of the most talented with artists like Woods (MC), Lee Williamson (MC), BDR (producer/ Artist), MelloVibez (Producer/ Artist), Jaber Boubakra (Producer). Be on the lookout for these names! You can all hear them on my EP as well.

The hardest thing about getting this release out?

The hardest thing is never the recording because that comes very organically to me , it’s spreading the word, getting exposure, getting my music on blogs and basically building a brand. With this being my very first EP, it’s also a learning experience but I would definitely say getting my music played on a big platform is a challenge.

A habit you had during recording this release?

We would always record at night. We would usually start up around midnight and work the whole night through because thats when we do our best work. I also always put the movie Kids (1995) on, with the sounds on mute. There’s something about the colors and the vibe in that movie that I draw a lot of inspiration from.

A beginner’s mistake you made whilst preparing this release?

A mistake I made was recording in different studios. I would record the songs in three different studios even though the main one is in my hometown (BDR-studios). After that I brought all the shit together, I realized I made it harder for the engineer to get all the tracks crispy clear because all the different settings and recordings were harder to get mastered. It still played out well.


What “making it” means to you?

Everything; Very cliche answer but that’s probably what it means to every artist that lives for their music. It proves that dreams aren’t for suckers and that when you have a vision nothing is impossible. Also I don’t see myself doing nothing else that could give me the joy I get out of doing what im doing right now. And that’s music.

What first experience you’d like to re-live?

My first performance turned out to be the best. Me and Woods was performing and the energy we got from the crowd was massive. We didn’t expect it and we ended up having fun, so that’s one thing i’m very excited about! Getting back on that stage and give them a show.

The first band tshirt you ever got?

Well, it’s not a band it’s a Rap artist, I got a Kanye West – shirt (not with his face on it but with his album art) just to clear that out. I got it from my sister for my birthday when I was 16 or so. I’m not big on buying T-shirts I’m more into selling them! Weardo has been known for selling nice pieces.

Your favourite debut by another band?

I’m going to name a rapper again since that’s what I do. I’m going to pick “Reasonable Doubt” by Jay Z. It’s a great album and like a manual for you to succeed as a true MC I believe. And if you do really want a band I’d say N.E.R.D. on they’re debut “In search of”.

What your parents think about your music?

My mom actually really loves my music. She always ask me why I never let her hear all the tracks because she know I’m in the studio all day. I can’t do that though, too much explicit content but she’s definitely with it. My dad came around and he’s down with it too now. He didn’t really understand me for a long time but when u see that a person got a passion for something there’s nothing you can do but support them. That’s what parents do.

Where you’re going to next?

My next step is promoting my EP “The Chronichles” which has recently dropped online. I’m hoping to get it on a bigger platform, get more listeners and expand my fan base. Basically maximize everything to its full potential. I also have shows coming up so make sure you follow K1D.

A band we should be keeping an eye out for

Well, once again not a band, but be on the lookout for Weardo. We got crazy things on our roaster, Woods got this (EP) called “Soft Parade”, it’ll drop very soon. Darrell Cole and DLP, both have an EP in the oven, and I know Young B got enough to fill a whole year. So that’s what you should definitely keep an eye on. There’s a lot of different styles so a lot of new things for the listeners.

What question should we have asked you that we did not?

This is the most questions I’ve ever had to answer! (haha). I’m playing around, I liked this interview a lot since I got asked questions I never got asked before. I appreciate ya’ll.

Listen to KID debut EP over on his Bandcamp page.