KZK is Jozef Devill (of The Sound of Belgium), Pablo Eekman and Tom Goossens. KZK is dutch raps, bass-heavy beats and club bangers. KZK is Belgian highway music, with a touch of Man bijt hond. Above all, and despite its slick production, KZK is a big fat motherfucking joke. And we absolutely love every single second of the Brussels-based band’s mix of sing-along dance floor hits (Wuxhi Wuxhi) and piss-take-funny anthems (Steen na steen) that push the definition of ‘ridiculous’ to new heights. With their debut LP Voorzet just out, we speak with Pablo about building your own scene, the arrogance of knowing what you do is better than others and why the world needs more hats. 

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A word about your name

KZK is our current name. We used to be called De Klootzakken, which roughly translates as the assholes of the dickheads. KZK is us pretending that we’re in any way more adult. Also, we’ll find new ways to fill in the anagram. For now we like Klootzakken Zijn Kut (assholes are shit).

A word about your music

Dutch-sung electropop. Why Dutch? Well, we’re of the conviction that one can best express oneself in the native language. And there’s enough English-singing artists out there who confirm this with their endless stream of predictable lyrics and prefab wisdom. If anything, wisdom is what we have. Drenched in a smooth and seductive spoonful of electronic rhythms. Something for you mind, your body and soul.

A word about your hometown, your scene

Brussels is the ultimate melting pot that proves everyday that the planet is quite wonderfully ridiculous. Let other cosmopolites and local hipsters miss the point entirely. They’re just as redundant to the cosmos as we are. Yes, that’s what we learn from Europe’s capital. Civilization may be a joke, Brussels shall prevail. We don’t know about scenes. We might make one, just in case.

The hardest thing about getting this release out?

Something about self-discipline. Well, who needs discipline. All you need is a plan, really. And the arrogance to understand that what you’re doing is better than what others do. Arsehole wisdom hides in paradoxes.

A habit you had during recording this release?

Crazy hats. They were worn. They proved their worth. We bow to the power of cheaply-assembled, crazy hats. DEVO truly lead the way to the stars.

A beginner’s mistake you made whilst preparing this release?

Thinking that we’d be done by supper. Obviously this was not the case as it took us a little longer. Let’s keep it to a year. That sounds sensible enough. Could have been two or three years. Is this a beginner’s mistake? Or do we sound like unfairly talented yet lazy bums?

The first track to which you completely lost it

Wuxhi Wuxhi. We just new that we finally found that next-level mastery that hollow popstars go on about as if they’d been endowed by higher powers. The highest power, quite clearly, was just us. Insight was gained, knowledge applied. Feet were moving and we still don’t really know what Wuxhi Wuxhi means. We’ll leave that search to the post-modernists.

What “making it” means to you?

When even people that dislike us on a deep and profound personal level start to hum the melodies and lyrics we’ve planted in their brains. Preferably whilst shopping at the supermarket or riding shotgun in elevators.

The first band tshirt you ever got

A black one. Yeah, we’re tough like that.

Your favourite debut by another band?

Are We Not Men? We Are DEVO! As hinted at before, they knew how to crank out some good tunes and then be smart about it. One day we too may hope to ascend to that ziggurat of zesty zounds.

What your parents think about your music?

No idea. We generally turn up the volume loud enough so as to not hear what they say. In the end, it’s really us who like our music. Our parents don’t dance. Also, we’re orphans. That’s how we met. During recess.

Where you’re going to next?

More music and then finally a live set. This summer. There’ll be hats. You’re free to bring yours as well. It’s what the current music scene is severely lacking: hats.

A band we should be keeping an eye out for

Huilende Rappers. It’s Dutch rap. They cry about stuff and then they give all of their music away for free. It’s the future. No more possessions, only possessed!

What question should we have asked you that we did not?

If you could be any vegetable, which one would you like to be?

Listen to KZK’s debut LP over on their Bandcamp page.