Five reasons not to miss BOZAR’s March Electronic Series

Carrying on the torch with their second BOZAR Electronic Series night of the year, this Saturday 10th March will see the continuation in “creating a story of electronic music within BOZAR”. From the hallmark local electronic producer Yves De Mey to a special, brand new AV set courtesy of Emptyset, we dissect five reasons to not miss out on the upcoming soirée.

Carrying on from their highly successful first one-off soirée of BOZAR Electronic Series earlier this January – inviting the likes of Drew McDowall (Coil) and Lumisokea – the Studio space will see their second and final Electronic Night of the year with none other than Emptyset and Yves De Mey. Ever sticking to their commitment to bring together international names with local acts, the emerging and the already-established.

Intimate and cosy as ever, the small show of a limited 200 seats continues BOZAR Electronic’s exploration of a wide range of cutting edge music; from the experimental, contemporary to electronic. And as if that weren’t enough, BOZAR’s Studio space promises top-notch listening conditions with their high-quality PA soundsystems.

Opening the night is Antwerp’s beloved electronic hero Yves De Mey, one half of Sendai alongside Peter Van Hoesen – with whom he’s also founded Archives Interieures label. A staple name in all things sound design, film scores, performance arts and installations, the sound engineer by trade will be doing what he does best with his weapon of choice, his continuously evolving modular synthesiser system. Fresh on the gig circuit with plenty of new releases – think Drawn with Shadow Pens and Ground and Figure, or last year’s Neuroclaps, De Mey is sure to bring his “non-functional” club music to the Studio.

Closing off the night is British duo Emptyset, made up of Paul Purgas and James Ginzburg, who also founded their own label Subtext Recordings. Masters of creative electronica with scientific precision, the headlining act will be delivering their take on textured sounds and structures. Even more, the duo will be showcasing a brand new set based off their recenly released EP Skin, a musical continuation of their 2017 LP Borders which explored non-Western ritual music and structures with performative vocalisations and accoustic materiality. As such, it’s to be their first set entirely based on accoustic production methods. Utterly spoilt.

And as if that weren’t enough, Emptyset’s set is due to be an exhilerating AV set, specifically handled by audiovisual artist Sam Williams. If there’s anything to go by from their highly acclaimed AV shows and installations for Tate Britain, Spike Island or the Architecture Foundation, this is definitely not to be missed.

BOZAR Electronic Series will be held on Saturday 10th March.