Five shows to listen back to on The Word Radio

Experimental essentials, boogie bangers, disco delights and rap classics all collide in this week’s selection of five shows to listen back to on The Word Radio. Head over to for 24/7 broadcasts.

Inne Eysermans presents Velma Spell – 17/01/2018

Amatorski’s Inne Eysermans and Liew Niyomkarn join forces as Velma Spell for this experimental-heavy second session, which borders on performance and sound art.

Listen back to the show here

Le Pacifique Records – 17/01/2018

Best tracklist, best transitions and best portrait. The kind of mix that starts off soft, only to have you headed for the dance floor later on. Full PCFQ love.

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Cosmic Pop with Mambele – 15/01/2018

Cosmic Pop enlisting the talents of Brussels-based producer and DJ Mambele for their second slot. Pure pure vibes. Think afrobeat, funk, boogie, disco and some essential 90s nu soul.

Listen back to the show here

DJ soFa with Nikolay Karabinovych – 14/01/2018

Brussels-based DJ and digger soFa invited Odessa-based artist, researcher and musician Nikolay Karabinovych for his second show on The Word Radio, a session that goes from rare grooves and percussion to disco and boogie.

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Hill Men – 12/01/2018

Straight-up hip hop classics from start to finish, impeccably mixed by the Antwerp-born and raised brothers. A show that’s been on heavy rotation at HQ ever since hitting The Word Radio airwaves.

Listen back to the show here