Five shows to listen back to on The Word Radio

Marx Freud’s pitch-perfect debut show, Tommy Denys’ Japan special and Antwerp’s new power generation all collide in this week’s pick of five standout shows. Head over to for 24/7 broadcasting.

Rare Akuma – 11/01/12018

Antwerp-based producer Rare Akuma, the self-proclaimed King of Soundtcloudt, debuted his monthly residency on The Word Radio is fine form, running through a tracklist of Xan-induced trap and bringing some much-needed badass bass to The Word airwaves.

Listen back to the show here

Marx Freud – 10/01/2018

Brussels-based Danish graphic designer and recorder collector Marx Freud, a recent addition to The Word Radio resident roaster, came through for a first show of varying influences, spanning new age, new wave and the odd funk stomper or two.

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Marc Melià presents Synthomatic Love – 08/01/2018

An hour-long session of ambient, synth-heavy gems, including a killer track by resident Lawrence Le Doux. Synthomatic Love – it’s all in the name really.

 Listen back to the show here

Maoupa Mazzocchetti presents Between Sewage and Segway with Eindkrak – 07/01/2018

The Brussels-based producer invited guest Eindkrak for his second show on The Word Radio, going wide with a two-hour long fest of experimental, Detroit techno and Reggaeton. Elastic music for elastic ears.

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Tommy Denys, Surrounded by Japan – 07/01/2018

Les Ateliers Claus artistic director Tommy Denys goes to Japan for the second instalment of his monthly series.

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