“We’ve put together a collection of songs filled with barbs. Old, dusted-off tunes as well as newly mades, a mix to lose yourself in and let loose to…” So say Onda Sonora, the Brussels-based DJ duo made up of Yoeri Bellemans and Bart Sibiel, whose regular music columns you might have already come across on these pages. In the run up to their appearance at The Word Magazine’s 5 year birthday party, they’ve recorded a mix inspired by our Black Issue. It’s about to get dark(ish…)

What is Onda Sonora? 

Onda Sonora is a duo of DJs. We’ve been playing together for 13 years now. We started out as house/disco/hip-hop DJs but lost track along the way due to an unstoppable curiosity for the unknown. Nowadays we don’t pay much attention to borders between genres and brew our own sound made up of the music we like. Much like what Theo Parrish, Mr Scruff, Dikke Ronny, Mancuso, Ron Hardy do or did.

What part does music play in your life?

We build life around it, basically. We kind of fell into it but nowadays it has a become a all-consuming avalanche.

Is music a full-time thing?

Nope. Bart’s an architect, Yoeri works on projects aimed at students at a university/graduate school, even though Onda Sonora is a barely paid full-time job next to our regular full-time jobs.

What about the mix? What makes it special?

The mix is a reflection of the music we’re currently in to. Unruly, moody sounds that don’t fit perfectly into any category. Not bound to any one genre but rather to a common feel. People should dance to it in a dark, sweaty basement. Those not dancing should make out. Or something like that.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track?

There are 2 edits of older Belgian Wave tracks we’ve made that fitted the mix well. The Nacht Und Nebel one is a nice connection to the Black Issue, which we took as a starting point. We’ve been deep into Belgian music from the 80s lately and it all just came together nicely. The edits are just to make them more suited to our sets and are strictly personal so they’ll always be exclusive.

When and where did you record it? 

At FM Brussel‘s studios with a view on Place Flagey. Superb facilities with monitors that play loud and clear. On a Friday evening right after work. The ideal conditions to free your mind and get into the music.

What’s the story with the artwork?

It’s a picture taken in New York City in early 2003. While going through old photos on the hard drive, this one seemed to fit the music particularly well. It’s dark and a bit disorientating.

What’s your favourite track on the mix?

The Francis Bebey one. It’s African music made with electronic instruments in the early 80s but it sounds a bit like killer (No) Wave. Odd, nonconformist sounds like this are what we love the most.

What are your top 3 albums of the year so far and why?

Various Artists – Spiky Dread Issue One – RongoRongo

Sasac – Limited Edition Cassette – Omega Supreme

Various – L.I.E.S. Presents American Noise – L.I.E.S.

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

23/02 – OUR PARTY – Bronks, Brussels

22/03 – JH Eenders – Halle



Eddie Harris – It’s War

Wolf + Müller – Wolf’s Trommeln

Francis Bebey – Super Jungle

Bullion – Too Right

Chris & Cosey – Talk To Me

Telex – The Voice

Logic – Unit

Pierre Normal – L’Antre

Oppenheimer Analysis – Radiance

A Split-Second – On Command (Onda Sonora Edit) – EXCLUSIVE

A Certain Ratio – Brazilia

Talking Heads – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

Massive Sounds – Free South Africa (Version)

Nacht Und Nebel – Etoile Du Nord (Onda Sonora Edit) – EXCLUSIVE

Japanes Synchro System – Check It, Spread It (C2 Main Mix)

Old Apparatus – Chicago

Onda Sonora
The Word Magazine turns five
22nd February, 23h00
Komplot, Avenue Van Volxemlaan 295 – 1190 Brussels