Dalai Lama Renaissance for The Word’s 5 year birthday

 To get you all revved up for The Word Magazine’s fifth birthday bash tomorrow night, check out the final installment in our exclusive mix series, specially created to celebrate this very noteworthy anniversary. Dalai Lama Renaissance have whipped us up a wicked mix inspired by our Black Album, and they’ll be live and in the flesh on the decks at Komplot tomorrow. Their mix, according to the Brussels three-piece, combines contemporary club tracks with underground sounds: “This is the darkest mixtape we ever made. It’s quite energetic yet melancholic and perfect for a dark winter evening.” Enjoy the sombre undertones and weird interview below…

What is Dalai Lama Renaissance? 

Sound explorations of three Brussels-grown sprouts. Touching the boundaries of electronica infused pop. Totally the opposite of this mix, actually. But who knows… we might become influenced by Techno (with a big T) and try to combine it with pop. I’m pretty sure everybody will be influenced by this amazing techno revival, or maybe I’m so late discovering techno. I’m pretty sure Mount Kimbie‘s new album will be hitting that TEKNO spot pretty hard. Mark my words. Flip some coins, win some dollars.

What role does music play in your life? 

It takes up a full time role in our heads. But far less than we actually want to, because we still have other responsibilities. Sad but true. But we have a whole lifetime to develop our sounds, right ?

When and where did you record the mix?

Couple of days ago. Was in a dark energetic manic mood. You might hear that reflected in the mix. Where? Brussels. Headphones. Some vinyls, some digital.

What’s the story with the artwork? 

Can’t recall who made it. Sorry. Really should look it up because the artist deserves total credit. But I’m way too tired. The artwork inspired me to make a darker tinted mixtape. My laptop is filled with this shit nowadays. Don’t know why. Winter?

What’s your favorite track on the mix?

The one where it goes BWAUWSK BWAUWSK BWAUWSK.

What are your top 3 albums

Vuurwerk – One Ep

Vuurwerk – ME + ONE LP (forthcoming 12 ” Kompakt/Dandelion Lotus)

Did I already mention the Vuurwerk – One EP ? Oh and that limit-to-your-love bloke who’s a superb electronica producer (At Birth/Klavierwerke) and also a great singer-songwriter. He released a pretty nice song a couple days ago with cool vocal lines. Not too fond of THAT cheesy clap though. Right ?

What do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

Work. Dj-sets. No more Dalai Lama Renaissance gigs for now – we’re preparing a live set. A real one. We’ll be coming out of the closet this summer. Yep. The closet. And the release of the full album of Dalai Lama Renaissance: end of MAY 2013 on Kompakt/Dandelion Lotus. Ooops, yeah, official.