Streaming services are plentiful of late, and it often is hard to distinguish the game-changers from the followers. What, we wonder, makes one more worthy of our 9,99 euros/month over another? Best way to find out, we figure, is to ask some heavy-streamers from our extended family to toy around with the service (in this case, Juke, which also boasts playlists by the likes of Lefto, A Polaroid Story and Knotoryus), commission them to create a Word-exclusive playlist and get back to us with some comments and criticism. First up is Damien Aresta, founder of pleaseletmedesign amongst many other things. Listen to his playlist by clicking on the link below (registering is free, and gives you a seven day trial period), and read what he had to say about his experience with Juke just after.

You’ve been using Spotify for quite some time now. How does Juke compare

A very large collection of songs and very nice iPhone application.

What was the most appealing feature Juke had to offer?

The iPhone application is really intuitive and sliding categories is really nice to discover new things.

If you had to improve one thing on Juke, what would it be?

The size of the font, on the website, a little bit bigger would be perfect.

Can you describe your playlist/mix in a few words?

As almost everybody around my age, we started listening (or playing) music by listening to Nirvana so the background is rock’n roll. But very soon I fell into the Warp zone and discovered that the rock’n roll could also be made with machine. The playlist starts with real guitars and evolves to something more electronic, but always keeping in mind that the head has to move and the body should be able to dance. It’s a bit influenced by what I just saw in Dour and the people I met there, like Pierre from Fulgeance (number 5 on the playlist) and to quote him on the “style” it can be called Low Club, it’s danceable but not angry on the BPM’s.

Were there any songs you would have liked to include which you couldn’t find/weren’t available?

I wanted to include what we discussed with Mathieu (from Surfing Leons) what could be this summer underground hit called Harlem Shake by Baauer (link: ). I also wanted to add the Inspector Norse by Todd Terje, a kind of very cool italo-disco song, but couldn’t find it.

What is your favourite song on the playlist?

I really like Bonaparte, I’ve never had the chance to see them live and everybody tells me that they’re crazy on stage. I’ll finally see them at the Micro Festival in Liège / Luik on the 4th of August.

If you were asked to do another playlist, what theme would you give it?

Still something to make people dance because nothing changes, you make playlists to get girls and you get girls with your super extra stupid dance moves. Always.

Now that you’ve used Juke, would you recommend it to your friends and family? If so, why?

Yes of course, it’s nice to listen to songs you don’t have on your hard drive. And it’s even better if you’re not forced to link a Facebook account to a Spotify account and stay free.