Beginning with the Laid Back show on Vibration back in 2003 and going on to launch his very own online platform a few years later in 2009, LDBK founder Julien Mourlon has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the kind of music we dig here at The Word: music with a story, passion and soul to it. Schooled in hip hop but having since moved on to wider musical pastures, we asked Julien to reveal what were his favourite Belgian releases. And, true to his eclectic tastes, the selection includes a bit of everything: a bit of old-school rap, a bit of new-school rap, a bit of soul and a bit of funk. A slam dunk if you ask us.

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1. De Puta Madre – Trippin Tranhilo (1995 -9mm recordz)

A wise man once told me that the music we used to listen to as teenagers influences us for the rest of ours lives. I was listening to PM and they had everything: the best DJ, a dope producer, a rich lyrical / visual identity and a mean crew. 20 years later, they still sound as unique and innovative. Le style Rien à Foutre!

2. Bigshot – Mon Estomac a Faim (1999 -demo tape)

How to reach cult status with only a demo tape plus a few collaborations and appearances on compilation? Ask Bigshot! I wonder how many copies of this tape were made in Brussels back then. But it seemed like everybody around me had one. Too bad the story pretty much stopped there.

3. 40 Winks – The Day Breaks (2011 – Project: Mooncircle)

Antwerp based producer duo 40 Winks is made of Padmo and Weedy. I played their first album in the Laid Back show on Vibration radio back in 2003. When they released the next one a couple of years later, I noticed that they sampled my voice announcing them on the intro. A nice wink. It’s been a while since their last release. Let’s hope they’ll be back soon. The’d sound great on a movie soundtrack.

4. The Louie Gee Ensemble – Scrabble (2009 -Jazzy Sport)

My partner Louis, his father and a couple of friends released a few years ago a cover version of Rene Cosy’s huge jazz funk classic “Scrabble” (sampled by Jay Dee for the “Fuck The Police” track) on Japanese record label Jazzy Sport thanks to Lefto’s push. Being involved in the project was an incredible experience. All the stories behind this track made it one of my favorite. The record might be difficult to find but you can grab a free download on soundcloud.

5. Chakachas – Stories (1972 -CBS)

Listening to hip hop during my teenage years and discovering the art of sampling opened me to jazz, funk, soul and later many other genres. If you are wondering how groovy Belgium was in the 70’s make sure to check the “Funky Chicken” compilation recently released by NEWS record and opening with “Stories” by Chakachas.

6. L’Or du Commun – Le Chill (2014)

The future! They flow like early 90’s Mc’s with a native tongue kind of positive vibe. Fred Lebbe from Farm Prod asked them to perform at the closing party for the Kosmopolite festival we organised together in 2012. That was the cherry on the cake. Watching them live is a lot of fun. I guess we’ll hear a lot about the them in a near future.

Listen to the soundtrack for Brussels LDBK curated to accompany their contribution to our latest edition here.