Although originally from Liège, Lawrence Le Doux can pretty much be considered a local institution here in Brussels. A nightlife hero affiliated to record label Vlek, the mere mention of his name on any night’s flyer is guaranteed to get the crowds dancing, and coming back for more. And, with more than a few side-projects under his belt – Laurent Baudoux, Sun OK Papi K.O., Tetrapak Electrosold Collectif, Fan Club Orchestra, Scratch Pet Land, Spiridoux Baudon – the producer-dj remains one of the most prolific forces on the scene. Here, he outlines some of his favourite Belgian releases for us. And, true to form, his selection straddles every genre and era.

1. Frank De Wulf, ‘The End,’ Belgium, 1992.
Famous for his B-sides series on Music-Man Records in the early 90s during the Belgian new beat/ techno craze. “The End” is a futuristic Belgian ambient track made with 90’s digital technology.

2. BRC, ‘Voila pour toi,’ Belgium, 1990.
A really good old school track from Schaarbeek. It is from the first french speaking rap-album ever made in Belgium. Defi J was a part of the crew ‘Brussels Rap Convention’ and he is still a great singer and still doing sick instrumentals.

3. Mansia M’Bila, ‘Ozakaye,’ Belgium, 1987.
Let’s rock with Mansia M’Bila. Guitar, Computer, Drum Machine and voice.

4. Capelo, ‘Ice Cool,’ Belgium, 2015.
This track is from a demo tape made by an enigmatic synth duo, Eve and Michel, based in Brussels.

5. Roger 3000, ‘Tooville,’ Belgium, 2015.
Roger 3000 is a very talented painter and a very sensitive musician. He made me realize that a piece of music is, in a way, much like a painting.

6. Ssaliva, ‘Guilt,’ Belgium, 2015.
‘BE ME’ is my favorite record of Ssaliva and it is also his latest. For me, he is without any doubt the most interesting artist in Belgium. Just consider his first release, under the nickname Cupp Cave; ‘Garbage Pail Beats’ (Thin Consolation, 1998), which was a blast at the time. If that doesn’t convince you, try this latest album, ‘BE ME’ (Ekster 2015) and I think you will agree this guy is a genius.

7. Joel Vandroogenbroeck, ‘Meditations vol. 2,’ Germany, 1979.
Joel Vandroogenbroeck was born in Brussels and now lives in Mexico. He did a lot of records on this library records label called ‘Color Sound’ based in Munich, Germany. I’m not so familiar with his discography, but he made some really interesting “new age” records.
Tip: buy his ‘Silcon Sirene’ on Weme records. Don’t ask me why, but it is the same recording as ‘Digital Project’ by the same artist, which is rare and expensive.

8. Frank De Wulf, ‘Orbital Ways,’ Belgium 1990.
Another Frank De Wulf track, this one is more akin to Larry Heard, with nice pads and and a groovy Chicago bassline.

9. Pat Weld, ‘?’ from Peace Passion, Belgium 2014.
This tape is a compilation of various experiments made by two guys in 2014. Some parts are obscure ‘art brut’-collages, some cold wave. It reminded me a bit of Joe Meek’s ‘I heard a new world’. It’s a really nice example of Belgian psychofrenic music.

10. Bacon Ensemble, ‘?,’ Belgium, 2013.
Obscure primitive tape manipulations from an untitled tape. Released in 2013.

11. The Mackenzie, ‘No Promises,’ Belgium, 1990.
I like to hum along with this one. Made by the infamous Belgium duo The Mackenzie. Composed in cold and dreary Belgium, but still beaming like a sunset on an Italian beach.

Bonus (At the time of the upload, the track was not on Youtube anymore)

Aksak Maboul, ‘Saure Gurke,’ Belgium, 1977.
Difficult to not talk about this record. To me, this is one of the greatest tracks made in Belgium and there is a reissue release just now. The Primitive drum machine is insane. When I played the remix made by Krikor in my latest dj set, people went crazy!