In a time when you can’t enter a bar without tripping over some self-declared singer/songwriter, we can’t help but rejoice to know that some still know how to handle an electric guitar. The band formerly known as Boston Tea Party lost their name due to a lawsuit, but gained the cooperation of class A producer Micha Volders on their debut album under their new moniker: Little Trouble Kids. Recorded in just two intense sessions in the dEUS‘ Vantage Point Studio, Adventureland is an album that radiates DIY mentality. With the ‘Left Right Left’ opening track, Ghent-based lovers Eline and Thomas immediately mark off the Little Trouble Kids sound: inciting and unembellished rock and roll with a militaristic lilt that makes you want to go out on the town and act real tough. There’s no use expecting pompous lyrics from these two. Along with their distinctively grimy and stripped down guitar and drums, lead vocalist Eline with her screechy voice masters the art of making every chanted aphorism sound sexy.  While the often frivolous use of reverb seems to have become bon ton in today’s music scene, Little Trouble Kids know how to do justice to the technique. Or as they put it in ‘Public Appearance Is Everything’: Don’t call your mother, you know we’re right.

Listen to their second single ‘Lately’:

Adventureland is available on iTunes here.