Photography Magnus Aske Blikeng

Anyone remember Manchester band WU LYF? They were the ones who enjoyed sending us on a paper chase to anywhere they were not, the band with mystery radiating from their very pores. Remember? Well, the same could be said of M O N E Y, another band from the Mancunian scene who are big on mystery, trying to lose us on every corner. Since their YouTube account was set up in September 2009, their name changes have included Kracken, Meke Menete, Books to Nijinsky and even Death Head.  One of their previous names was even Youth, confusing themselves even more with WU LYF (for World Unite / Lucifer Youth Foundation). But they’re not WU LYF. Not yet. Now they’ve chosen M O N E Y as their moniker, and nobody dares predict what it might be next week.

Ed: as a consequence of this metamorphosing name, a few hours after writing this piece I discovered that the name should actually have spaces between letters, like this: M O N E Y. Silly me. There are two songs on their MySpace account under their first moniker, Meke Menete, while sadly, the song “Girls” had been removed from the YouTube account of the user “wagonwheeled“. You can also find other videos uploaded by user “jamesjlee12“, the supposed official account of M O N E Y leader, James Lee, and three songs, I think the most recent, from an article from The Guardian, here.

As for the music, it’s a kind of soft experimental pop, with the inevitable ghost of Joy Division about it. Some elements that point to the band’s future underground hugeness are the fact that their not-yet-released 7″ has sold out, as well as a planned gig at the Silencio club in Paris, a members-only type digs conceived and designed by David Lynch. This “mystery marketing” may be a well-oiled machine, so we’ll try not to be surprised to see them live on the Letterman show next year, just like WU LYF. They say M O N E Y doesn’t bring happiness, but let’s hope this lot bring a new joy. Rest assured, they actually really do exist. They have faces and clothes and everything in this live video: