Exclusives and Meteor Musik on FM Brussel

Last night on our radio show, we opened with a new track by STR, continued with a current favourite by local rap hero Damso then welcomed synth-wielding astronauts Meteor Musik to discuss their debut album, Asteriu, who does what in the band and their pick of favourite Belgian releases, including a few exclusives. Listen to the show below and scroll down for the tracklist.

The Word on FM Brussel: 11th January 2016 (Special guest: Meteor Musik) by The Word Magazine on Mixcloud

1. STR X Yogen – Lean

2. Damso – Comment faire un tube

3. Meteor Musik – U-F-Oe

4. Meteor Musik – Vostok

5. Kuumba Umeeme – unknown (unreleased)

6. Alain Pierre – Jan zonder vrees

7. André & Leslie – Stress

8. Trans volta – Disco Computer

9. Laser Squirt – Glowy Hole

10. Mitsoobishy Jackson – The organs of a donor

11. Yvan Guilini – Space 2000

12. The Rott Childs – We were sleeping

13. Dijf Sanders – Retired Sportswatch

14. Jean Ricard – Passage Cosmique