Mugwump’s Geoffroy handpicks 12 essential Belgian releases

Brussels-based house DJ Geoffroy Dewandeler of Mugwump fame picks his 12 Belgian bangers, ranging from Luc Van Acker and TC Matic to The Germans, and the absolute classic Get a Load of This for good measure. With Mugwump’s latest release Drape hot off the press, the longstanding crew have a list of upcoming gigs in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, as well as deSingel‘s Swim With The Current and Dour festivals.

Fonce à Mort – Honeymoon Killers (1981)

Childhood memories. Blessed to have had the chance to work with Crammed Discs for several years.

La Mort – Karl Biscuit (1984)

One of the many cult gems on Crammed.

The Fear in My Heart – Luc Van Acker (1983)

Jean-Marie Aerts and Luc Van Acker together, simply magnificent.

Willie – TC Matic (1981)

One of the band’s ultimate songs.

Life in Reverse – Marine (1981)

A dance-slash-funk outfit around La Muerte’s Marc Du Marais, which heavily influenced Josef K and Paul Haig, and the foundation for what would later become Allez Allez.

Suds and Soda – dEUS (1994)

Stumbled upon dEUS quite late – have DJed quite a few times since then with Tom Barman, though.

Everything Remains – Mugwump (2009) / Get a Load of This – Guaranteed Raw (1990)

R&S is still one of the leading labels in unformatted, adventurous and eclectic electronic music.

Inside Out – Mayaku (2003)

Koenie is a central figure in the development of Belgium’s house music, alongside other key DJs like Poltergeist and Eric “Powa B” Beysens. These three DJs are definitely my mentors when it comes to electronic music and DJing.

Ouvre ta bouche – Front De Cadeaux (2016)

DJ Athome and Hugo Sanchez are two outstanding DJs and this is their debut on Subfield, complete with mixes from Factory Floor and Ruf Dug. And there will definitely be more to come.

Les îles desertes – Nicolas Michaux (2016)

In an ideal parallel world, his music would rule the airwaves.

Are Animals Different? – The Germans (2015)

A highly talented group of musicians.

Money – Flying Horsemen (2015)

Another very talented musician from Belgium, who deserves to be way bigger than he actually is.